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We all have our scripts that we use, whether for cold calls, expireds, FSBO's, negative responses, etc. And so do those who call us trying to sell us their product, whether promising to make us #1 to search engines, provide us qualified leads, or maybe just trying to get us to switch insurance. I...
I went out for sushi the other day and as I was finishing up a mixed plate of nigiri and maki the server left my bill and a fortune cookie. A fortune cookie at a sushi place you might ask? Well, it was Hibachi Grill and while they do serve a very large assortment of sushi, the are also a Chinese ...
For a week we have heard how the language has to be toned down, how so called "hate speech" caused the tragedy in Tucson, how it will lead to more. Well, apparantly, that wish did not last very long. During debate on the repeal of the health care reform bill in the House of Representatives the hy...
As I went out during our last snowstorm all that kept going through my head was an old Bob Dylan song so I went back down in my easy chair. Unfortunately, couldn't find Dylan singing it, so here are the Byrds. (very country) Or, if you prefer more mellow - here's  Joan Baez.    
Of course it was another 2 days before being picked up. What ever happenned to: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
Bjorn Lomborg is an economist, an author, an environmentalist, and a believer in man caused global warming. However, he is not a believer in the Kyoto Protocol (or the Kyoto Treaty) or in the reduction of carbon emissions as the primary means of reducing global warming. His book, Cool It! The Ske...
Herman Cain, on Your World With Neil Cavuto announced that he is putting together an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2012. Many of you may not have heard of Herman Cain but that will soon change. Currenly Mr. Cain is a talk show host in Atlanta GA. He has been a regular substitute...
In 2005, when then Senate Majority Leader Frist suggested using the "nuclear option" in a limited manner only applying to approval of judges, the democrats threatened to shut down the senate and not pass another piece of legislation. The main stream media rallied around the democrats calling the ...
The following charts show the month to month residential real estate sales volume of the Greater Athens Ga metropolitan area for the months of Oct 2009 through Nov 2010. Sales volume of residential real estate has increased 15 units in November after decreasing 9 units in October. The November in...
I enjoy the show Red Eye, so does Lenn Harley, but Jason Sardi doesn't. Anyway, they had a special 1/2 hour New Years show about the top stories in 2010 that made them drink. Fortunately, they kicked off the show with the 2010 Year Review in Kittens. I hope that you enjoy it as much as my wife an...

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