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FHA Financing is available to borrowers who are non-citizens, but who have a legal residence is the U.S.  There are 2 categories of legal residents:  1. Permanent Resident Aliens 2. Non-permanent Resident Alien. Here's what they will need to get an FHA loan: Permanent Resident Alien Valid Social ...
So, I'm getting a ton of questions asking..."What about RESPA and single Property sites that loan officers are offering to real estate agents throughout the country?    How do you make sure that both the loan officer and real estate agent pay their fair share for using the system?  And don't end ...
  Why aren't you targeting 1st time buyers?Who live in apartment complexes?That's what works.   I know,  I know,  you have no budget. But wait--you DO have a budget, and within your budget, I'd be willing to bet you are spending money on something that is NOT giving you your biggest bang for you...

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