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I think it’s one of the most powerful of human emotions and it’s one that connects us, makes us want to help to make the pain go away. So when Angela, an 83 year-old client of mine, began crying during our 1st meeting, I truly wanted to help.   Angela and her husband have a wonderful story by th...
That was Yvonne’s reaction when I asked her what she was going to do about her son. He had stolen her identity and opened up numerous charge cards, racking up $75,000 in debt along the way. Now, Yvonne was being threatened with foreclosure for his transgressions.   As a dispassionate outsider, i...
“I have enough money left over after paying my bills to buy a cup of coffee and a donut.” That was Tom telling me how difficult it was to make ends meet on his $1,101 Social Security check. He didn’t mean that he would get a coffee and donut every day, he meant he’d go once that month – and only...

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