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There's not a lot of them listed these days. Why is that? 'Cause most of the owners just downright LOVE living in this amazing historic converted factory and wouldn't WANT to sell. They've got the best farmer's market - The Nashville Farmer's Market the best hot dog shop - Zackie's Original Hot D...
This blog post might go in the category of, "Things you should have known sooner;" since today IS the 4th of July and it's not likely you'll be able to buy the house in time to see fireworks tonight. However, in the holiday spirit, the bozTEAM felt we should clue you in on one listing where, if y...
...if you think that market price for your home listing = the amount you still owe + Realtor commission + a little extra for the down payment on your new place. ...if you want to list your house a 'little high' to leave wiggle room for the low offers. ...if you think an open house every weekend a...
So, there are these homeowners who got curious last weekend about houses - even though they were perfectly happy in their Sylvan Park starter home, which they spent the past 4 years updating and expanding. They went to an open house on a whim and fell head over heels for the potential, new place....
Although the Lofts at Werthan Mills have weathered the real estate storm pretty well; these relocating home sellers are eager to sell and have prices accordingly! At $399,545, this 2570 square foot condo is a steal. Unit 112 was one of the first and largest lofts to be built in Werthan - a true u...
Many new buyers are learning about a loft enclave in Germantown that is unlike most in Nashville. Some say Werthan Lofts could be right at home in New York or Chicago! It's part of the appeal for over 200 residents in this converted factory that still looks like an industrial complex as you driv...
A recent bozTEAM blog pointed to signs of change in Germantown. There was more evidence this week in East Nashville! Over the past year, selecting houses for our Thursday Preview Tour of Homes has been REALLY difficult. It starts Wednesday AM with bozTEAM agents sifting through hundreds of homes ...
Unfortunately, the bozTEAM has had a lot of experience with short sales over the past year. You may have seen a few of our blog posts that deal with the actual process. This one does not. This post deals with the psychology of a short sale. It's hard enough to put together a successful (and quick...
Event: bozTEAM of village real estate: Art Tour and Open Lofts Hosted by: bozTEAM of village real estate When: May 14, 2009, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Location: Werthan Lofts 1400 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN
Started years ago by the locals, the Garden guzzle is billed as 'Historic Germantown's Signature Event' and it's just one more reason the neighborhood residents find their area so desirable. This year's Guzzle starts at Monell's lovely cottage garden and features an appetizer selection from this,...

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