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I really not much of a coffee drinker. My cup of tea has always been...well....a cup of tea. However, if coffee only tasted as good as it smells I am sure I would be addicted. Lately though I have discovered "my drink" at Starbucks. It is a tall decaff half-shot latte. I derive a great deal of co...
I walk my dog Paris every day. We live out in the piney woods of east Texas, and our walks are rich with the sights and sounds of birds. Frequently as we start out, we will hear a distinctive racket in the woods around us. This would be the guinea fowl, or, as they are known around here simply  t...
Oh my, what a weekend! It all started last Thursday and Friday with record snowfalls in north central and north east Texas. Much of my family lives in the Dallas area, and they got twelve inches of snow! Power was out all over, including our own, for close to 24 hours. I know this is nothing comp...
I went to a super bowl party last night. Now I must confess, I am not really a fan of football; baseball is really my love, however there was the promise of interesting people and reallly good food. So I went to the party, and I got caught up in "the story" of the the game. I decided before the g...
My dog wears bandanas. I just think she looks cute that way. Thinking about her bandanas got me to thinking about home staging, and I will get to that, but first let me tell you about my dog. I walk Paris everyday, and it is not unusual for a driver to slow and take a long look at my dog because ...
  My name is Kathy Vernon and I am a home stager. How did I become a home stager? Let me share this with you. I have always loved spaces. Maybe it is  because I grew up in a large family. Sharing a room with my two sisters made me appreciate having my own space as an adult. I have a favorite re-o...

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