So, I've been racking my brain about what to write about for my first blog submission on AR.  It's really been on my mind- especially with Cheryl's weekly assignments and what not.  I've been blogging now for over a year on blogspot (RealEstateForRealLife), but it's not the same- that's a little ...
Ok, so I've been reading everyone's blogs and comments regarding all sorts of things around the world of real estate and the effects of pictures.  All sorts of pictures have been discussed- Realtor pictures, profile pictures, pictures in MLS and the pictures created in virtual tours too.As a Real...
but does it ever really get you anywhere?  As I've found myself trying to get more involved with AR, blogging, the new lingo I'm learning, SEO, internet marketing, building my business and networking to name a few; I can't help but notice that I'm just all over the place.  What used to be 8:00 is...

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Aww- to know me is to love me and here's your insight to a little charisma with Karisma... It's all about Real Estate for Real Life, me and my interests, what's new, what's not, what works and so on... Depends on what's on my mind that day... So read, comment, enjoy and keep coming back!