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One of my loan officers had a purchase for a new home being built.  I had approved the loan with minimal conditions.  Most conditions were required from the builder, as the home was not complete.  The builder/sales department went to the borrower and demanded that they go through their lender tha...
In the years of underwriting, I have found a lot of fraud committed by loan officers, real estate agents and so on.  I have even experienced funders and closers committing fraud.  It does happen a lot.  When a loan is in funding, I have seen a funder sign a form that should have been signed by th...
Do many of you work with TPO's?  I have found that the majority of them do not qualify their clients properly.  They either use income that is not there or overlook the credit.  When you let them know that the loan will not be approved, they get extremely upset.  I feel there should be more class...
In underwriting an appraisal, there are many areas of which we have to look for in the appraisal.  I have a friend that is head of the appraisal department at FHA and has given me some very good advice as to what to look for.  There are so many areas on an appraisal that can be incorrect informat...
I have a large amount of clients that purchased homes with the  Negative Amortization loan in the past 2 years.  In most cases, the client did not fully understand the type of loan or the payments involved.  With the refinance boom where I am located, this has created a monster and headache for m...
I have been an underwriter for many years.  Through my experience on the "If it is in the Box" type loans, this becomes very scary.  I had a couple occasions when I was questioned on a couple conditions that I had added to a loan approval, it became an altercation with the processor and loan offi...

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