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I have just started my Facebook Fan Page for the Betts Byrnes Team and already have 27 fans and growing. I keep adding things of interest and humanize the things we do not just post listings. Seeing great results.  Back in January Kerry Lucasse wrote a post titled FACEBOOK 2009 - Five easy ways t...
Thanks for sharing this amazing video. Wonderful way to say thanks for all that have served our country and every man woman and child who lives in the United States. We salute our men and woman who serve! Veteran's Day We Often Take For Granted The Very Things That Most Deserve Our Gratitude. Tha...
This is exception information. I started my Facebook Fan page a few days ago and cant belive how much help Active Rainn has been for me in the process. I encourage you to read this. We’ve established that having an active presence on Facebook, including a business page, is incredibly important. S...
I noticed that when I am reading blogs by other REALTORS that there is an option under the persons picture to Add as an Associate. What does that mean and what benefit is there in doing that? I appreciate the insight.  
Help. I am attempting to load my listings in the listing section of Active Rain.. it takes forever and I have a new fast computer.. then I shrink the pictures to web size and they tell me they are too small. any tips out there would be greatly appreciated.  
When is Foreclosure Removed from Your Credit Report? Published: October 14, 2010 Use this handy guide to figure out how quickly you can buy a home after a major financial setback when applying for a loan through FHA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac.  Government entities set guidelines for credit event...
I am really looking to input videos in all my marketing and presentations. This one is excellent especially since so many people are interested in going green.Here is a free video on Green Your Kitchen.  There are a slew of videos on Realtor.org that are available to embed in Realtor web sites. V...
I am diligently working to create the first Betts Byrnes Facebook Fan Page and struggling with it. My daughter Kelly Waughwho is a Mortgage specialist in Charlotte went to the Rain Camp in Charlotte last week a took all kinds of notes for me because Patti and I couldn't make it. We didn't know ho...

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