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  Consistency and practicing your core fundamentals is a strong trait to have. Many times especially in this business professionals tend to become cumbersome in following through a complete transaction process and tend to find shortcuts or alternatives in doing their job. I have had recently cam...
    Lets face it, we all can save a little bit more money nowadays with the increase in economy rises but that doesn't mean it will buzzkill our summer. Here locally in Virginia Beach is just 5 simple tips to save some money and still have fun. 1.) Local Gym - If all the fancy Gyms and work out c...
  Just an update to the blogosphere, it's been about a month since I last blogged on here. Thanks for all the kind responses and messages I received, nothing bad happened here. I purposely took a full month break from blogging and work overload. Sometimes in this business you just have to step b...
        With Social Networking on the Rise and plenty of new sites out there to get yourself more exposure and more in the mix with all the online Buzz, it seem that it's harder to keep up with all your Social Networks than joining one.   Combination Clients I recently began my crusade by joinin...
  Marissa Mayer known as Google's Princess is the VP of the Search Engine dept of Google. Kevin Rose known as the Playboy of the Webhead World is the founder of Digg.com The Word on the Web: Few days ago this couple have been in talks behind closed doors, not Romantically, both are currently dat...
Renovation Lending The main concept behind these loans a.k.a Rehab, Renovation, 203k and Home Improvement loans is quite simple, clients who wants to finance the costs of home improvements through the mortgage for a purchase or refinance. Financing the costs of the home improvements through the m...
A client of mine Scott Doverspike, who I known ever since I got in the Mortgage Business 5 years ago, reached out to me asking for assistance in raising funds for his son Tyler. Tyler was born prematurely with lungs not fully developed. This has caused lack of oxygen reaching the brain damaging ...
  Today was my beautiful's Daughter Graduation for the 4yr Old Class at The Wave Children's Learning Center. Thinking back how much she grown and how fast they grow up has really made me a proud Father.  It's moment like these you cherich and reflect how much your child's life impacts you. Gradu...
    As you can tell with my title above this will be my 100th Blog Post on Activerain!  Time to pop open the champagne bottle and make some room for cake. I know it may seem small only being my 100th Blog Post compared to other Veteran Bloggers out there, but I have only been on Activerain for 4...
  I just had an interesting week of coming across misfortunes of clients who had explained to me that the effort in their Mortgage Broker / Loan Officer getting back in touch with them or even to touch base was unbelievable. I know we are not at a time where business is too much to handle or tha...

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