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  What is VHDA? VHDA stands for Virginia Housing Development Authority.  Its Virginia's Mortgage Finance Agency. Most every state has their own Finance Agency.   Mission? VHDA was created in 1972 by the General Assembly of Virginia to help overcome barriers to affordable housing. VHDA is not for...
We all hear the lines "Now is the time to buy" "Lock in rates now" "Hurry up, Take Advantage now" These liners all have the same point in which to bring in a sense of urgency but we do we know the whole picture why its a bad idea to wait? I am going to break it down very simplified and to the po...
Every loan officer has different systems and formulas out there. A Real Simple breakdown from my standpoint is a pre-qual letter is based on assumptions while a pre-approval letter is based on getting an approval response in my computer. A pre-approval letter is a firm committment but still left ...
Most people understand what SPAM is and have developed some ways to prevent SPAM.  Email filters, blockers and even getting new complete e-mail addys. What most people don't know is the difference between Marketing Spam and Deceptive Spam.  Marketing Spam is the least threatful but still annoying...
The Early Text The communication devices over the years have been rapidly increasing and evolving. Remember when pagers/beepers were really popular?  This was the form of communicating with someone without actually talking to someone. As a teen when the Pager era blew up, I would remember the hyp...
Today is an interesting day marking the calendars as August 8th 2008 or 08-08-2008 or 888 in short.   So whats the scoop behind these numbers?   Remember 2 years ago when it was June 6th 2006 (666) ? That was an interesting day too.   So doing some research I mainly found some interesting tidbits...
Risk Based Mortgage Insurance Premiums July 14 2008 FHA implemented a new system for the Mortgage Insurance Premiums. FHA Premiums has been normally 1.5% and have now increased up to 2.25% based on credit worthiness.     Money Saving Tip There is a way to avoid paying the max tier of 2.25%. Part...
    The Bad Habit I started smoking at the Age of 16 (11 years ago) just like the consensus says, I fell into peer pressure and all it took was one drag and I was hooked. Being a teenager a lot of things looked cool to me and living on the edge made it even more appealing. Granted smoking was not...
    Hud has been playing the Grim Reaper on the Down Payment Assistance Programs lately. As most are aware the Down Payment Assistance Programs has helped many homeowners in the past acquiring down payment assistance for government loans that required a minimum of 3% down. Recently HUD has made i...
  Great News  - Great News - Great News A new incentive passed by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 allows First Time Home Buyers to receive a $7,500 Tax Credit from the purchase of their new home. From June 1st 2008 - June 1st 2009 will be in effect. ( Can be retroactive back to Apr...

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