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I just got done watching a beautiful inspiring movie last night that one of my mentors had told me to read the book a LONG time ago. I was strolling through blockbuster last night trying to rent Dan in Real Life but unfortunately there were no copies to rent, I was completely bummed about this a...
 It's funny I get asked this question almost every day!There are many stories and articles out there posted by bloggers, news media, analysts, agents etc that try to give a 10 page essay on the market and if its time to buy a house or refinance.  I don't know about everyone else but I like to kee...
 LOL - Ok now that I got your attention CNN just reported Survey: Gas prices rise 9 cents in 2 weeksA gallon of gas rose to $3.20 on average, national survey of gas stations says I been noticing the prices rise recently too and man I cringe every time I keep seeing it go up.  As a Loan Officer I ...
 Ok So I am probably going to get a lot of flames for writing about this blog especially from the Mortgage Brokers and other Loan Officers who rely heavily on trigger lists :)This is just awareness information for a lot of the consumers who were unaware that your personal and financial informatio...
    Another great loan program just announced in March 2008 by Fannie Mae to help our borrowers who are delinquent on their current mortgage. Outline of the product The Homesaver Advance program provides funds to pay past due balances of principal, interest, taxes, insurance (PITI), and up to si...
 The Myth: So theres a myth going around that borrowers who qualify for prime loans only end up with subprime loans if lenders deceptively steer them into such loans.The Truth: Many borrowers who might qualify for prime loans knowingly select subprime loans for reasons that include: A loan to put...
 Ok So we all heard about Wikipedia, its the thing to say when people want to look up more information on something.  Its the largest free encyclopedia in the world.  I know whenever I want to find more information on something like the history and current events of something like Search Engine O...
  Stress? Hi fellow ActiveRain Members.  I decided to share my story for the week to you all.Since Monday, things were seeming like a stressful rough start. Personally things wouldn't go my way from car troubles to unexpected bills popping up from nowhere. Not only personally but Business related...

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