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Lending changes and fun
Failure is never fatal and success is never final. I saw this and really liked this quote. Thought I would share. Enjoy.
Another vacillating week of no direction in rates but plenty of trading-they just love market moving up and down 5-10 ticks a day, like shooting ducks in a barrel. Anyway, today we had initial GDP that was higher but less than consensus number, so a headline but not really a mover since they alwa...
   During Spin class about 30 minutes into class the instructor asks-How we feeling? In a bold excited voice.  Everyone except me says, "Great, Fantastic, yeah!" One woman says, " Give us more!" All I can think is " I think this is what dying or the start of a heart attack must feel like." Howeve...
I have been asked to join a local realtor at an agents open house. Never done one before, I have furnished things for these open houses, but never stayed. I am curious what kind of response I will get. Might be a good networking opportunity,. Might be a total waste of time. I will see soon enough...
   Secondary Marketing Update The Lender of Choice Since 1964 www.stonegatemtg.com PRICING SPECIAL EXTENSION! FNMA Loan Level Pricing Adjustments Stonegate Mortgage is pleased to extend our PRICING SPECIAL for fixed rate conventional loans. Our lock date of January 21th, 2011 is being extended to...
How can you be SURE to lock-in the lowest rate? Everyone in the process of financing a home faces a common challenge: knowing when to lock your rate. With daily fluctuations in the rate market, the goal is to know when the market "dips" and be ready to contact your agent or lender and LOCK, right...
As part of our annual marketing plan, we are reminding people that NOW is a great time to buy and sell real estate. Start off the year right by purchasing your very own home. Here are 5 reasons to buy now: 1. Housing Affordability Still at Record High Levels2. Interest Rates Are at Historic Lows...
I  wanted to pass along some VERY important changes coming directly from Fannie Mae (FNMA) that WILL impact PRICING. These changes are industry wide changes that will impact all investors. In a nut shell most Loan to values and credit scores will see a 50 basis point hit to pricing, even 740+ cre...
Time to sharpen that purchase money mortgage saw again! Monday saw a continuation of gains from Friday but volume was light so not a very convincing day-this morning we show MBS trading very early at just a tick or two under the closing price, and 10 year treasury yield just sneaking over 3.30%. ...
Save a purchase loan that won't pass inspection. What is HIP? The Stonegate Home Improvement Program (HIP) significantly improves upon the HUD Section 203(k) program by making it easy and affordable to finance your existing or future home AND eligible home improvement costs in a single mortgage. ...

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I blog about important changes in the lending world that will affect your business, and the way homes are bought. I will also share some fun items for marketing along the way and hopefully a way to chuckle in this crazy world. My husband has always said, I have Wenality. This means reality plus Wendyisms. It suits me. ENJOY!