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  The Chattanooga National Cemetery is a beautiful and awe inspiring place. Founded during the Civil War to bury the Union dead who were killed at the Battle for Chattanooga, it is the largest national cemetery in Tennessee. Located on the edge of the Highland Park neighborhood at the corner of ...
There are lots of variables to consider when making an offer. That's where a good Realtor (like me!) comes into play. We already talked about a few of them and now we're homing in (no pun intended) on the grand-daddy of all variables: PRICE There's no better way to make an agent -or maybe it's ju...
That's the call I got this morning from the buyer's agent for a house that I have listed (and under contract). We are supposed to close in a couple of weeks and she wanted to know if there was anyway that we could come to an occupancy agreement so that the buyer could go ahead and get out of his ...
Before there were historic homes in Chattanooga, there was, well, history. Nowhere is that more evident than along Missionary Ridge. On the morning of November 25, 1863, General US Grant's Union Army began its attack on Confederate General Braxton Bragg and his troops which occupied Missionary Ri...
I'm not entirely sure what this one is a crime against but it's definitely wrong. I was showing houses to a couple this week, very nice houses in fact. One of them had a carriage house of sorts with a garage on the basement level, a workshop area on the ground level and then an apartment on the ...
This sign makes me smile every time I drive by it. Which is quite a lot since it's close to my boy's school. I mean, who doesn't love chopped weiners with their pit bar-b-q?   You can find this sign and lots of other great old places driving down MLK between Palmetto & Georgia  
What goes into an offer? The terms are more than just price even though price is obviously a big factor. Some of the things you also need to think about: contingencies, possession, & closing costs. Contingencies Generally, the fewer contingencies you include in an offer, the more likely the selle...
Chattanooga Stand is close to reaching its goal of 25,000 surveys completed by Chattanooga area residents. Do you live in the Chattanooga metro area (including Cleveland and northwest Georgia)? Have you taken the Stand survey? Well, you should, because if you don't I'm not listening to any whinin...
    I will admit (my family would tell you even if I didn't) that I have attempted the elusive faux finish before. I have also gone gung ho for the "red" paint job. A color that professionals painters fear to paint, and with good reason. I will also admit that half way through my red paint job a...
For the last couple of weeks, when I've given my business card to new clients, they look at the card, and then they look at the sign in the yard. And then they ask, "Ummm, how are you connected?" It's especially confusing because they usually have started out talking to Elisha and she then passes...

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