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Call me crazy, but I absolutely love my job.  I get to observe the craziest, funniest, scariest and most peculiar things that can be in a persons home. I was under a house the other day, in a crawlspace, and I ran into a fairly common situation.  There were areas of the insulation that had been d...
I absolutely love attending monthly real estate office meetings.  I love meeting new agents, discussing the market, and sitting through the meeting to learn about real estate. Oh, I also enjoy letting the agents know a little about me, my business, and the home inspection industry. It’s difficult...
Life's first lessons. Take a reminiscent moment to reflect back to when you are a small child playing with those shaped block toys. You know... the one where you had to fit a shaped block into it's corresponding shaped hole.  Unless you were the hulk as a child, no matter how hard you tried, the...
The internet is proliferated with articles outlining the dirty secrets of the home inspection industry.  Most of these articles contain faux secrets, claiming that other inspectors are inexperienced, unqualified, or may be writing soft reports to curry favor with real estate agents.  These inspec...
Well, you got your offer approved, had a home inspection, and bought a house.  Congratulations, now you are a homeowner. Gone are the days of relying on the landlord to fix that broken AC, or unclog the the toilet.  The worriless splender of knowing that "its not your house" are a distant memory....
The photo and videos were taken a few days ago, but today is a good day to talk about bats. Here are some bats that I found the other day.   At first it might seem as though its not a major concern because the bats are trapped by the screen.  However, bat infestations should not be taken lightly....
Log Home Checks There is a lot that is involved with building, maintaining and inspecting of log homes. We inspect quite a few log homes in Richmond. One common problem we find is checks in the logs.  Here are some photos of checks. Explanation: Checks occur as the moisture dries out of the log. ...
We all know the term buyer’s remorse or regret.  Its a term too often used, and an experience too often felt in the real estate industry.  My experience in watching transactions unfold in Richmond has led me to ambitiously attempt to coin a new term: Buyer Estrangement From my point of view, as i...
I think I get stuck with every FSBO inspection in Richmond, VA. Sometimes, I will have multiple inspections a week for FSBO's.  Generally, if the home is FSBO, the buyer also has no representation.  From my inspector perspective, both parties are lost in the sauce and it sucks. It's always a nigh...

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This blog is about defects that I find everyday, and other pertinent information related to the home inspection industry.