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Friday.  Today is a day to talk about obstacles.  I was supposed to have a closing today and had a title check done a few months ago.  Nothing stood out as being an issue.The attorney doing the closing today sends me a second mortgage on the property that didn't appear in the check.  Now, my enti...
Thursday.  Stepping out of our comfort zone to get something done or to accomplish something is, at many times very difficult.I know this firsthand right now, as I am embarking on doing something that makes me a uncomfortable.  I know it has to get done and I've spent gobs of money on someone tha...
Wednesday.  Did you know that diamonds started out in the earth as regular coal or carbon atoms?  Intense pressure and heat cause some of this coal or carbon atoms to crystalize and become a diamond.Ideas are very much like that, when the heat of passion is mixed with the intesity of your own pre...
Tuesday.  Many times over many years, we have tended to limit ourselves and the things that we want to do and what we can accomplish.  Often the "I can't" words are said when we think about trying to get something done.  We have to stretch our belief system so that we don't hold ourselves back.  ...
Monday.  Since so much of the year has passed and there are many that are not where you'd like to be and you're constantly kicking yourself, don't be so hard on yourself and do something about it.  Wallowing about it, does you no good.  Recognize it and move yourself forward so that something can...
Monday.  There are many of you that have been told to wait around while you're itching to get things done.  I know exactly how that feels.  It seems that everybody is not in a rush like you are to move forward.  The 'hurry up and wait' syndrome seems to be all around us.  "Great works are perform...
Thursday.  Action is needed to move forward to get anything done.  Without it is stagnation, where nothing happens.  I, myself have been stagnent the last few days.  Stuck in a type of 'limbo' where I've been busy doing busy work and thinking things were really getting done, when they weren't.  T...
Update on helping someone.  So, I was not only able to help out the woman that was being abused, but I was able to help out a family who had been denied by many because of a series of unfortunate events.  The woman had horrible credit because her 4 year old son has Cerebal Palsey and on bad days ...
Tuesday.  It appears that just before the finish line of any kind, there are many that just give up.  They don't have anymore fight in them to keep going.  I say to them that they just didn't want it bad enough.  I know that seems harsh to some, but in my book, it's true."Victory is always possib...
Monday.  Time to start our week off and get things going.  Today is a day to get things done (not that every week shouldn't be that way.). If you've been holding off on doing certain things, make today a special day for you.  Stop waiting around for the time to be right.  It usually never is."The...

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