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Wow.  It's Wednesday already.  Sometimes, you wonder where the time has gone.  Many things may be harder than they seem (ask me how I know this!).  I'm taking one day at a time and each day is a new day to begin again."One day or day one, you decide."~ Unknown
Tuesday's here, where are you?  Just because you can't or think you can't do something doesn't mean that you have limitations.  I have found that there are some things that I cannot do or know about so I reached out to others that know these things better.  The ones that I reached out to are actu...
For this week to start it off, I saw this short video and it really made me think about the rest of the time that I have left and how it's being utilized by me.  Am I spending it well?  What if I made some changes?  Start thinking about these things and really look at it.  Yes, this is a short vi...
Monday!  Today is about taking action.  Moving forward towards something that you're trying to accomplish.  Even if you have some setbacks, as long as you keep the end in mind, you should be good.Have you decided to take some form of Action to get yourself going or are you still waiting for yours...
Friday is here!  Thankfully.  At least for me.  It has been a week where I and my wife have spent over 12 hours on the phone with Microsoft and Go Daddy and having each one blame the other for the problems that we we having.  So far, most of it's done, but I needed a heavy dose of inspiration.  T...
Thursday!  Yes, the week seems to be going by quickly.  Take that action for you to move forward even if it means that it's not working.  It does mean that you are doing something to get you closer to what you want or desire."Success semms to be connected with action.  Successful people keep movi...
Today is Wednesday.  It's not only Wednesday, but it's also Veteran's day (called Armistace Day until 1954).  Today's quote is for them, but it's also for you.  Without our men and woman fighting for us, we most likely would be a different country and also not have the freedoms that we do.  I tha...
Tuesday.  The weeks just go by without any thoughts.  Today's motivation is for you to sit down and think about.  Many things come to us everyday.  Some have immediated answers and/or thoughts so that they can be worked out.Others though, take a little more ingenuity to work if.  Many times, peop...
This one is from Einstein and talks about you making mistakes or not. Have you had this happen to you or have you been too afraid to fail forward? Let us know if you can and not afraid to admit it. I can admit it and am still failing. I'll continue to do so because it points me in the direction o...
Friday is here!  Many of us are happy about it, some of us think "it's not the end of the week" Remember, to always be positive even in the face of adversity.  Hopefully, you are a "the glass is half full" person and not "the glass is half empty."Every time you subtract negative from your life, y...

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