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Many homeowners don’t realize the impact of today’s seller’s market in housing.  Housing supply is running at 2-3 months in many parts of the country… especially in neighborhoods and areas with affordable price points.  This means that it may be a great time to consider selling your house.  Here ...
If you are looking to capture these gain in real estate, contact me today to find out the best financing to meet your specific situation.
I am reposting this for my REALTOR friends. Great information! I’m often asked how I been able to achieve the success that I have in real estate. I’ve only been selling residential real estate since August 2014 and in May 2016 I will surpass over $500k in gross commissions. Before I explain to yo...
Pending Home Sales reached a 10 Month high in March 2016. Pending Homes Sales measures signed contracts on existing homes and was up 1.4% in March which was almost three times stronger than expectations. This is a good forward looking indicator to existing home sales and would point to strengh in...
Thinking of home renovation projects this spring/summer?  Click here to view an interesting report that compares the economic impact of various remodeling projects. As a hint, the highest impact remodeling projects that add value to your home are a new kitchen or kitchen upgrade, or a new bathro...
A new law came into effect this year that changes the income scale used to calculate Medicare surcharges.  This change will impact Medicare surcharges starting in 2018, using income from 2016 (see income bracket illustration).Note: Medicare surcharges are calculated using modified adjusted gross ...
Most of the recent growth in supply of rental units has actually been in the single-family rental market.  The single family share of rental housing has grown from 34% to 40% over the past 10 years.  While large institutional investors have entered the single-family market in recent years, these ...
According to a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, most homebuyers expect to live in their homes for at least 14 years.  However, the reality is that most people only live in their homes for an average time of 9 years.  Click hereto view an infographic from the study.I...
In the last 10 years, students themselves have gone from paying 30% of college costs, to paying close to 50% of their own college costs.  This has resulted in driving up the outstanding student loans in the US from $350 billion to a staggering $1.2 trillion over the past 10 years. The interesting...
What is a Roth IRA?A Roth IRA is a retirement account where (1) you invest your money after you've paid taxes on it, and (2) you can withdraw your money without paying taxes on the withdrawals. Traditional IRA Roth IRA Invest money before you pay taxes on it Invest money after you pay taxes on it...

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