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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.
You see and hear lots of people pushing Twitter as a sales tool. Is it really? Is it just a sales tool or do you need to use it in other ways too and gain sales through the back door? Lots to consider and there are many approaches an none are 100% correct.  If you live in North Central Washington...
I blog on the Wenatchee World about events in the past in Wenatchee. Some are current but many are historical. My intent is to give a flavor about the community, our roots and help us understand where we are going. There is some humor, some tears and a few just stories. Perhaps it si something th...
For a bit of perspective on what it is like (was?) to live in Wenatchee and to get a feel for the people and places you may want to check out my blog (and others at the same place) on Living in Wenatchee Nothing fancy but it is fun and it does pro...
In January of '09 I wrote about an event that was put together by the community for budding musicians. An opportunity for professionals and students to meet and work together ( Last week a similar event happened but this was not ex...
Last night I attended a Jazz Concert at the Performing Arts Center. There were six musicians from the LA area. All were friends and soon going on a tour. All seemed to have, Doc S, The Tonight Show and NBC in common, judging from the Bios. And they were excellent. Their performance was in conjunc...
If 2008 wasn't the money maker you expected then perhaps we can kick 2009 up a notch or two! Over the last few years, face it we have been spoiled. Easy business and inflated markets and commissions allowed us to get sloppy. It seemed business was everywhere and everyone wanted a piece of the act...
Not much to write about but we did finally get some snow. So far about an inch but more is forecast for the weekend as well as lower temperatures. If you are not familiar with Wenatchee we are close to the geographic center of Washington State. IN the summer we have a couple weeks (usually late J...
Other than the "100 aker wood" how does Pooh Bear relate to Real Estate? The other day I had finished a book titled "Juggling Elephants" (which I recommend for the busy agent... or those that plan to be) and was looking for something to read. I found a very old copy of Winnie the Pooh, by A. A. M...
I just read the following entry on Flat Fee broker and got to thinking about a new brokerage in our area that is listing and giving access to the MLS for $300 plus offering the selling office (in this instance) $4,500.  Anyone is free to pursue their own business model. However, this is not about...
It is January and time to lay out your year! Yes you can do a lot of it now. Then after the Year is done work on the month and every Sunday evening lay out your week.Here is what I have done to lay out a successful year today  1. I have booked one hour in the afternoon, two separate days, for sho...

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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.