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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.
Next to assuming who may and may not be prospective clients, time is the next most abused quantity in our business. No matter what you do it is finite. Twenty four hours per day, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute. Once gone it is gone. What is ahead cannot be extended added to or impr...
Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion about a shake out in the Mortgage Industry (ever notice when we start to refer to a business as an Industry there is almost an immediate downturn?). My friend Kevin Nelson recently wrote a couple blogs on this site about this subject and ...
I try to always present an offer to purchase ... in person. But I find that the majority (?) of agents don't. Why? To me it is part of the deal for which I will be well compensated. If you are representing your clients interests, to do less is, in my opinion, a disservice. There is so much to be ...
I frequently Blog over at my Wenatchee Real Estate Blog and today I was making a general entry about Wenatchee (aka River City) and the general market. I pointed out that I am a bit of a contrarian. That is when everyone, everyplace is talking about how good real estate in Wenatchee is (especiall...
First off, as bad as some would have you believe 2006 was, it was the third best year, nationally, since NAR started keeping statistics (1952). What is always of interest is Real estate is largely a local issue controlled by local events. As a result what is happening in San Diego is not Tulsa no...
This weekend the "Wenatchee World" had an excellent editorial that captured the underlying problem with our otherwise hot real estate market. About 35% of our buyers are from out of town. Wenatchee also has a growing population of professional and affluent home buyers. However we are still an Agr...
The WR weekly bulletin is just out and they quote some interesting stats from California relative to Internet and Real Estate.  Here are a few (from 2006 survey):  92% of internet buyers found their agent on a web site; 63% tthrough a search engine.  In 2000 28% said they used the internet as an ...
The 2006 numbers for Wenatchee and the surrounding area are finally in (hey I think the compiler still uses an abbacus). In general the news is pretty favorable. Here are some highlights:                                                            2005                                2006  TOTAL ML...
There is a move on at the state level to start to look at uniform forms throughout the state. Currently Northwest MLS has their own forms. Spokane and Vancouver do too. Several smaller MLS's use WAR (Wenatchee is one) and NAR has theirs too.The concern is not that there is a problem with the form...
Had lunch with the manager of one of the Title Companies yesterday and the day before that with a local lender. We discussed the coming marketing year and our expectations. All of us believe the year will be another strong year in River City (Wenatchee). In fact 30 days ago I was opining "good bu...

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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.