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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.
I was reading a blog on AR about not knowing where your next client is coming from. (Good blog and comments by the way.) I remembered an experience I had as a new agent with a name tag.I was late for an appointment with an HR type to present some material for relocation. The office was located in...
Curious. I had a customer that I sold and almost the whole transaction was via the internet. (By the way I use customer instead of client as I don't think the internet can foster a client relationship). This guy appears at my office one day to see a house located in our market area. He is an MD f...
I had several offers submitted in the last day or two on a house I listed over the weekend. We had spent a lot of time pricing and staging and the property was in a visible and appealing location so we were sure the sale would go well.When it became apparent we were correct we noted in the MLS th...
I frequently get asked about foreclosures. Specifically about buying at the sale. Here are a few thoughts... I used to run a large Loan Administration Department for a couple different Mortgage Bankers (aka Loan Servicing), so I have experience from that side. I have a client that often buys at a...
A banker friend called me about data for our local MLS. His bank, heraring all the press was concerned about what is happening East of the mountains. So here is the data I provided. Note it is through 4/24 and for the entire MLS if we carve out Wenatchee and Residential only it gets better: MARKE...
So you have decided that Real estate is the way for you. life style, hours, money etc. Hmmmm could be but you might want to look at your business plan.... or if you don't have one create one. Otherwise it will be none of the above. Buyers don't just call and sellers don't just drop out of the sky...
The other day I was showing a long term client some property in the area. This client, originally from Hawaii, was explaining how wonderful Hawaii was but also how boring... same weather, same wind , same temp same day. On the other hand one of the reason they were locating to Wenatchee was gener...
My best client almost left me the other day. Oh, sure it wasn't intentional and I am not sure that he was even thinking of leaving it was just what happened and even worse what the results (long term) could have been.I have a very good client that buys 4-6 properties from me a year and I also sel...
Not a new topic but an important one.The other day on AR someone asked if home inspections were necessary with new construction. My answer was always have a home inspection. There are soooo many things that can come up, a home inspection on a new home or an existing one just makes good sense. In ...
Hmmmm since this is the count down to tax day and IRS and since this year I am paying more in taxes than I have ever done before I thought a few minutes to reflect on why my current profession would make it all go down easier. So here is what I like about Real Estate (other than income)  For the ...

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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.