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Well,every transaction which ends up in my "round file" I swear I will never sell a co-op again... and then of course I do.  Cooperative apartments offer an affordable option for many buyers to ownership.  Condo's sell for more and houses even now are way out of reach for many home seekers.  The ...
"Are you kidding me?" I replied to one of my agents who asked me if they could serve wine and cheese for brokers at her open house.  What I really wanted to ask her was "What were you thinking? and Have you completely lost your mind?" But I didn't.  I was on my better behavior.  For those who kno...
first let me say that a fellow agent/friend of mine posted a "tease" at me of not capitalizing the "r" in realtor... and that i should know better.  so here it is kevin.... everything in lowercase and now i don't have to worry!!!!!  now on to my blog....   i had noted in a previous blog that real...
I just returned from the NAR mid year meetings.  I serve on the Professional Standards Committee and there was an awesome report given by Keith Garner, Center for Realtor Technology.  For those of you whom are Realtors sign on to and check out all the good info on technology.  Now mor...
recently I have found that we have had a slightly younger buyer calling our office looking for homes.  Many of whom are single or newly married.  In chatting with them as business is conducted I have found that they turn to the internet for all of their important searching.  I have had several bu...

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