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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.
We came to Tel-Aviv's Ben Gurion airport late. We were impatient to meet our Vorkuta, a cold arctic city, friend. He offered to come and meet us at the airport, but we rented a car with a GPS, so I told him I was coming.Boy, was I naïve…GPS was in silent mode. Well, I did not really care. We have...
For years and years, we were planning to go to Israel, and then delaying it. And finally, we went. Lot of people were telling me that I would love Israel, actually only one guy, one of my neighbors, told me that he did not like Israel, and did not recommend us to go there.Of the extended family, ...
Riverplace One HundredRiverplace One Hundred is a residential condo in Daytona Beach located at the intersection of Peninsula Drive and Silver Beach Ave, which takes you from the ocean to over the Memorial Bridge. The Bridge has been closed for nearly 2 years now, as the County is rebuilding this...
Riverplace One HundredRiverplace One Hundred is a direct riverfront condominium in Daytona Beach. A 117-unit 9-story condo was built as an apartment building in 1973 and later was converted to a condominium.It is on the corner of Silver Beach Ave., and Peninsula Dr. Silver Beach takes you over th...
Oceanside Inn. Market Snapshot. August 2018 The Resort Oceanside Inn is a condo-hotel resort in Daytona Beach Shores. This 191-room condo-hotel was built in 1973 and completely remodeled in 2003-2004 after converting a hotel into a condo-hotel. This is a direct oceanfront property, 9-story high, ...
We are shopping at Aldi. We love this place. The new Aldi is across from Sam’s Club and Super Walmart, and it is so convenient to have all of them in practically one location. Plus there is Bravo very close.By the time we go through the register, the downpour starts. It is this Florida rain, wher...
Peck Plaza Condominium is one of the buildings that were severely damaged by hurricane Matthew in October 2016.The Hurricane and ensued lengthy restoration project has displaced owners and tenants in 100 units in the area tallest 343-foot building. It also severely damaged Top of Daytona, the wel...
We do remodeling and finding trades is always an issue. Easier with high-end remodeling. We would turn to Sita Construction, and you can’t dream of a better GC than Rick Sita or his son Enrico, who is also a G.C. But when we deal with very inexpensive condos, we have to be very careful not to com...
Daytona Condo FinancingEven though we very rarely deal with mortgages, and this is the nature of a resort market, where buyers usually purchase condos as vacation homes and pay cash, time from time we end up working with a buyer, who needs financing.It usually starts with “I have good credit, and...
The weekend was marked by the Truck event. First event took place in 2014. Last year people were outraged and there were a lot of complaints, so everybody was saying that there would be no more truck events.Well, they were wrong. What's the problem with the trucks (and about 15,000 guests) in tow...

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