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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.
Couple of weeks ago I posted No Calling Out Of Respect... I missed that it was a challenge, and reacted to couple of similar posts about members calling other members. And I got caught into a discussion of the merits of calling other members, which quidkly shifted to calling customer and clients....
What is good advertisement? Maybe it is when you notice it and you remember it? When I saw this car parked by the house we were selling in Port Orange, that’s exactly the feeling I had. It is probably not just the message; as there is nothing really intriguing, but it is because of the cute small...
Our grandson plays base and we have been to the concerts for several years now. What they do in a small county in Florida – Flagler County – is quite impressive. The have Youth Orchestra. Ages from the youngest and to seniors in high school.Of course, it is all volunteers, who made it happen. A g...
So far we had an incredibly warm winter with temperatures in the mid to high 70s and even in low 80s. Yesterday the cold front came and we had only 58F in the middle of the day and it dipped into the 40s at night, but it is for 3 days only and by Wednesday we are back to the 70s.And January is us...
Time from time I run into blog posts discussing calling other AR members. General consensus is that this is the best thing after sliced bread. I read one post today. For the author the question was who to call.For me the question was why to call?There has to be a compelling reason why one member ...
I guess we all tend to dream about doing something we never did before, and thinking that there are things where you simply can’t fail. 2 of the activities that usually come to mind are hotels and restaurants.How can you go wrong if you have a nice place on the ocean? People will be flocking to y...
Condo-hotels are a very small niche market, and like with any very small niche, when you do not operate with big numbers, it is less the market and more a wild guess. Oceanside Inn is an excellent example. Just a few days ago there were 16 units for sale, and then one owner took 4 units and chang...
I know that time from time I am going nuts. Yes, I want to do something crazy, or I don’t want, but still do something crazy. And when I am joined by my wife, whose tendency to go nuts is very different from mine, it becomes fun.We are condo people, and are looking for a long stay where we are no...
I first read about Victor Adler in our local newspaper. Like me, he is originally from the Soviet Union. Came to Daytona Beach Shores from Minnesota. How a retired guy could make it into the paper? He did not kill anyone, actually, didn’t do anything wrong. It was because he was a darn good chess...
It is the beginning of 2017.Time to look back so that we can better understand what lies ahead.This year will probably brng a lot of changes… And while no one knows exactly what is ahead of us, we can still look back at how condo-hotels fared in 2016, and how the Plaza Resort & Spa did in previou...

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