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When I read about the mass killings, I always ask myself, what would have happened if the shooter were killed before s/he could kill anyone? Would we hear about it if this how it would end up in the school rampage, which took the lives of 26 people? Or the shooting in the movie theater, or that r...
Read the news 4 days ago, that Motorsports Hall of fame of America is leaving Novi, MI for Daytona Beach. Not surprisingly, the move will be completed in 2016, at the same time when the Rising Daytona project, a massive overhaul of the Speedway by NASCAR, is over. And, as it is easy to guess, the...
I, actually, have no bad feelings towards Zillow, but I understand that I might be in minority here. But let me ask you a question: if there were no Zillow and Trulia, who would have benefited? I believe nobody, except real estate agents and brokers. So, we understand why so many agents and broke...
Sometimes on AR I run into a phrase “Professional Realtor”. And it does not come form the public; it comes from the agents, who refer to themselves this way. Makes me wonder. Public can call us whatever they like. They do not have to know the difference. But it seems professionals do or should kn...
Kathy Streib wrote an excellent blog post "Ask An Ambassador: Are We There Yet". It is about the changes to AR. I have difficult time with AR "upgrades" as I have yet to see more poorly thought off changes. It is like a weird dance with one step forward and two steps back. Let's look back. The fi...
A guy throws a line into the ocean and catches a fish. Cooks it, eats it, and takes a nap under the palm tree on the beach. Crystal blue warm waters, blue skies, white sand, light breeze… A guy comes to him and asks if he could catch another fish as easily. - Yes.  - Let’s do business. You fish, ...
This time of the year watching numbers is a form of entertainment. I checked condo-hotels just before the new year, and there were 147 condo-hotel units for sale. Checked today and there are 172 units for sale as of today. What a change. But not anything really unusual. This is the slowest time o...
I believe that it is common on AR that we read the post, but do not read the comments. And whether you believe me or not, reading comments can be very rewarding. Not once, not twice I have seen the situation, where one of the comments comes from the authority, be it an attorney, or a tax person, ...
A condo in Oceans Grand in Daytona Beach Shores. 2 showings in one day. The first couple walks in, looks at the unit, checks the view, asks a few questions, and then the lady asks to show her the indoor pool. Sorry, there is no indoor pool in Oceans Grand. The Buyers are upset.  Turns out they to...
Like everybody else, I am getting my fair share of spam. After years in business, your eye is pretty good at telling, which is which, and what to avoid. Some of the scams are very elaborate; require incredible amount of time and and even more - talent. If their effort and talent are put to good u...

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