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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I am curious whether weird economy is paired with weird English. «Short sale» is a very common combination, and I doubt there is anyone in the nation, who at least have not heard it or read it. Of course, you can find it everywhere. And often in a sentence, where it is used as a verb. «... to sho...
I ran into this featured blog post by Tracy Lee Parker Be PROUD to short sale your home!  and I can't disagree more. I also can't agree to some comments, where all the blame goes to lenders, as if we were signing Notes and Mortgages under the big influence of heck knows what. I do not like the re...
Time from time our customers thinking of buying a condo-hotel or a residential condo, say they don't want to rent regularly, but would do it a few times during the biggest events of the year. And our biggest events are race month in February culminating with Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400 NASCAR race...
In the Soviet Union we were used to history being rewritten as each new party leader needed to stress his role either in the revolution of 1917, like Stalin, or in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), like Khrushchev and Brezhnev. Mikhail Zadornov called Russia "a great country with the unpredict...
  For the last few weeks something started happening, which did not happen before. I am pretty bad with Social media, so I figure there is a new trend, which I do not know about. I started getting messages that I have been endorsed on LinkedIn by a whole  bunch of people. I am getting messages “J...
- Wiggle it... That’s what the agent told me when I called her asking whether there was a secret to the lock that I could not open. Believe me, I did not call right away, I wiggled and wiggled and wiggled, and it did not open. And only after that I called, feeling stupid, standing there with cust...
  Today is a funny day. I am off the site, after sending greetings. What is the reason, what is the Holiday? Well, it is New Year! How come we send greetings on January 13 and call it New Year? It is because Russia and Greece converted to more astronomically correct Gregorian calendar relatively ...
I remember when I had that paid service from, where I was offering home valuations. I remember that the strangest thing for me was when I noticed that I was getting these requests from fellow out of the area agents. First you notice that people who are asking for home evaluation (CMA)...
I have been selling condo-hotels for 11 years. Every time I ask my Buyers how they intend to use a condo-hotel unit. Usually they say it is their vacation getaway, that they do not plan to retire in Daytona, would rent it when not in use by them, which is what condo-hotels are for. But time from ...
  If you are clumsy, as I am, you know that “surprise” of sending the email message to the wrong recipient. It happened to me yesterday. I started typing the email address and immediately there was a pop up showing a bunch of email addresses starting with these letters, and I scrolled down to the...

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