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I am showing units in a condo-hotel, and as we walk - we talk, and I explain the nuances of condo-hotel to the customer. There are so many things that I know that they don’t, and there are so many things that I know, and they won’t. But there are some things that I have to relay to them, sometime...
Suzanne McLaughlin posted I Said Goodbye Today to a Lot of Old Friends.... Excellent blog. She made me think about those who I subscribed to in my time on AR.She inspired me to write this blog post. I have less than half of Suzanne’s number of members, who I subscribed to. When I go to AR, I am l...
Real estate is not really a risky and dangerous occupation. But agents in Real Estate can suffer from certain illnesses. Some of them are the same, as in any other occupation, but some of them are real estate specific. The trouble doctors have diagnosing them is that while they have the same com...
Are we really a neighborhood resource? Do people go to Active rain to find out the move schedule, or the local Laundromat’s hours of operation? Or the menu of the nearby cafe? What I often see is that these blogs are not even incorporated in a bigger picture. For example, I could understand a blo...
I ran into Cheryl Dickson’s blog post I'm FAST, EASY, and CHEAP! It is a colorful blog that attracted a lot of people to comment. It is about what we eat and how we eat. “We should try to consume our food in at least 6 sessions, of eating smaller portions, instead of 3 larger meals. Eat a healthy...
Quiet "Winter" morning on the Intracoastal in Daytona Beach Shores We are getting just days away from February, but the temperature is more like in March, and in the last week even the water in the ocean went up from 66F to 68F. It is really comfortably warm, and in the car you need AC. It was 76...
Once upon a time there was energy crisis. Actually, there were 2 energy crises: one in 1973 caused by the embargo of OAPEC, and the other caused by Iranian Revolution. That was the time when there were long lines at gas stations, and prices soared. The crisis came as a warning, that you better ha...
Once upon a time there was a listing. Price for this 3 bdr /3 bath oceanview condo in Daytona Beach Shores was very good, and I rushed to call the listing office for the showing instructions. There was a slight hesitation, and then I got the listing agent on the other line. And we know each other...
There was plenty said about abusing MLS, but this keeps happening. A couple of days ago I was preparing for a market report. And in “active” I noticed 4 listings for the same condo unit, all listed on the same day. It was already nearly a week ago, so if that was a mistake at posting, the agent h...
Where To Eat In Port Orange, Florida It is Saturday, and we are going over Dunlawton Ave. Bridge going home. At the foot of the bridge there is a guy with a big sign, and while we are waiting for a green signal, we read it. It invites to a Grand Opening of a Crab House under the bridge. And out o...

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