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“Jon, in your blog you mentioned homestead exemption. What is it and how does it work in Florida?” This was the e-mail I received from a customer from New York. That’s a good question. First and foremost, homestead exemption in Florida pertains only to those, who claim their property as primary r...
Here are 15 symptoms of addiction to AR. If you know more, please, add. And yes, you are incurably addicted if you think that: 1.     Army is 200,000 AR members or more 2.     You have to leave the New Year party early so that you write about the joy of celebrating it with family and friends 3.  ...
The email read: "Could you explain how much would it cost me in taxes if I buy a condo in the Links? I heard that Florida has very high taxes." You often hear that we have high property taxes in Florida. There is no simple answer here. First, your taxes and Seller’s taxes may be not the same. Tax...
This e-mail came from Richard D. "I am reading your blogs and I do not quite understand the difference between condos, condo conversions, and condo-hotels. Are there safe condos and how to find them?" Excellent question. First and foremost: Condominium means ownership. You own the unit plus undiv...
Did you ever watch how a dog is sniffing every piece of turf? All concentration, all attention… The dog is getting information from this scent and we can only imagine how much information they are capable to get and digest… When people (both professionals and customers) read our blog, it provides...
I have a little prayer. Here it is: We do not write for Google. We write for people using Google. When we write, we see people, not Google. Spiders work for Google. We work for people. Content is not what spider crawls. Content is what people read. If people do not read it, it is not content, it ...
If we are talking about computer hardware and software, there are a few people who know that stuff … usually those who worked for serious companies.. and those who do not know that stuff, otherwise called dummies… like myself. In Russia there was a joke. If you can do something with your own hand...
In Russian Orthodox religion there is a holiday, Christening in icehole, which in Russia falls on the night between January 18 and 19. It is similar to baptizing, as you have to get into the water (usually a river). The event was quite popular even in my years in the Soviet Union, when instead of...
Good drivers not only do what they are supposed to do given the circumstances, but they are totally aware of their surroundings, and can predict other drivers’ behavior and adjust to it. I like to have the same feeling on AR, and that’s why I like the LeaderBoard. It is a dashboard for my AR vehi...
It is happening. I am running into the reblog, and I leave a nice message thanking for reblogging as I would have missed the post. Then I go to the original author, and I am leaving another comment, a different one. And I start with saying that I came from a reblog by… I am not sure about the nam...

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