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When we first set out to create ActiveRain, we wanted to bring the real estate industry together in a way that never existed before – a way that many thought impossible. What we imagined but never expected was the impact a community like this would have on its members.  Since our launch in June o...
I went to Inman Connect NY this year determined to go to as many sessions as possible, gain new insights, and bring them back to the AR community. This strategy contrasted to my usual Inman experience of back-to-back deal making meetings with little time for sessions. I am sad to report that my h...
Drew Meyers just announced that Zillow will be offering up all of their neighborhood boundary data through a Creative Commons license. From a technology provider this is pretty swanky cool news.  Don't be surprised if the new Localism redesign taps into some of this data.  
but I think I hate Facebook. 
I didn't apply to college mostly because I didn't like the idea of the acceptance of my admissions being outside of my control. As a real estate agent I was limited in my success because I could not bare the disappointment of losing out when competing for a listing. I also had a difficult time wo...
The allure of ActiveRain is two-fold. The first, to connect, have fun, relax, and receive support. The second, to make money through business generation. This post is to teach you how to yield greater results from your business generating time on ActiveRain. First we need to establish Rule #1: Wh...
I am extremely pleased to welcome Rich as a new member of the ActiveRain team on a full time basis! He will be taking on the role of a Community Builder. Rich's addition to our team is very positive news for the AR community. Rich has been a member of ActiveRain since August of 2006, when the net...
These marketing ideas are for the motivated, and broke ass agent.  It is important to note that if you already are fairly successful you will probably scoff at these ideas.  That is okay, they are not for you! It is also worthwhile to mention that if you employ even a portion of the ideas with th...
If your writing skills are so bad that you cannot structure a cohesive multi-paragraph blog post (like me!) then just write "top 10 lists". They are easy to write and everyone loves them.
1000watt BlogThe is the blog of the new real estate consulting team of Marc Davison and Brian Boero.  Both bring a deep knowledge, and a fresh, often on the edge commentary of the industry. To me they seem to specialize in branding and the real estate brokerage/agent. 4realz.net4realz is Dustin L...