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I thought I'd post some interesting facts you might not know about ActiveRain, the real estate network that is run by the same folks who bring you Localism.com.  There's a perennial debate there, usually in non-public ("members only") posts, as to whether Realtors should be allowed to post listin...
OK, here's a catch 22. Members only posts don't get points, so if I do make this post members only, it would take longer for me to cross the Rubicon (er, Consumnes), turn left, conquer the Folsomites, and so on. On the other hand, if I leave it public, there might be some consumer out there hangi...
I've recently been revising one of our Sacramento Web sites, http://www.sacramentohomeshopper.com, which is Elite Properies' "Company Web Site".There are some neighborhood related and community (in the Web 2.0) features we're working hard at extending and improving.  One is a new blog, which is "...
Here are some fun places you should go check out. Maureen's Baby's Pictures.  Cute, cute, cute.Scott Hoag's video of mean (but sorta funny) Aligator Baiting Tuba Players.  No seriously, I feel bad for the poor critters, but Tubas are just about always funny.Johnson & Smith's Catalog of Things You...
This is part two of my article series, "Are You Going to Lie to Me, or Do I Have to Interview Someone Else?"In part one we looked at how borrowers play "Find the Liar" (also known as "Where's Waldo -- Real Estate Edition") when they shop for a loan.  We now examine the other hugely popular form t...
This question comes up a lot, but it doesn't come up in exactly this form.Here's one very popular form it takes:Borrower 1:  "What's today's rate at zero points?"Lender 1:    "6.5%"Borrower 1:   "I'll call you back."Borrower 1:  "What's today's rate at zero points?" Lender 2:    "6.5%"Borrower 1:...
What's the difference between a consumer and a client? Do you know? There's been a lot of talk lately about "consumers". A ton of it. The query "consumers and real estate blog" yields "about 14.7 million results" on Google. Yet we don't talk about clients as much (only 6,240,000) results.So it lo...
I'm going to move to Amador County for awhile.No, not my house, or my offiice, just my ActiveRain Head.  I'm moving my ActiveRain Head to Plymouth, California, Home of Marlene and Greg's.Yes, I'm number one in El Dorado Hills here on Active Rain, but I'm not sure what fraction of $1.75 I need to ...
The thing that's either Public or Draft or what have you when composing a post.  It's spelled "Visibility".
If you're looking for an article with an answer at the end, I don't think this is it.This is more of a personal exploration, which you may or may not find useful. In the last few days, I've been asking myself whether I have a strategy, an overall plan, a big picture.In fact, I've probably been be...

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