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Very good blog.Short Sales - there has been a lot written about it over the past few years.  I have written many blog posts regarding the short sale process and thought it would be a great idea to have a place to refer potential short sale sellers to so that they can take a look at what pertains ...
Out of the almost 100,000 Florida loans that are trial modifications under President Obama's foreclosure curbing program, only 8,405 have received permanent amendments. Unfortunately, the program has not been running as smoothly as originally thought. The aim was to help the country's 3 million-...
Good blog. If you are doing a short sale where the seller has an FHA insured loan, it's important to be aware of a few things; apart from submitting all of the required documents.1) You can start the short sale process with the lenders without first needing an offer.2) The lender will send an app...
What's That White Stuff? -or- Snow in Beaumont, CA? I Thought This Was Sunny Southern California!!!! I know people in some parts of the country don't consider waking up to snow in their back yard as unusual, but here in Southern California its a bit of an oddity. But that's exactly what happened ...
I like this blog.    Just click on the picture below, click on play,  Then leave the mouse alone, sit back and enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.  I wonder who had 'time' to do this.
Good blog.I for one am a proptent of home warranties. Whether you are representing a buyer or seller this relatively small investment can save you time and money down the road.  As a listing agent I will always encourage my clients to invest in a home warranty.  It's just another way to add value...
Molly, thanks for a good blog.FHA Changes: FHA is trying to balance 3 fundamental objectives: Financial soundness of the FHA insurance fund-ensuring that its capital ratio returns above 2% Fufilling its mission of serving borrowers not adequately served by the private sector Facilitating the reco...
  There are multiple advantages of mortgage refinance. The basic reason is to avail lower rates for the current mortgage. It is a good idea to refinance if the benefits in the long term are substantial, despite including the refinancing charges. Sometimes, the monthly payments may be reduced, but...
In our line of work and because we deal so much with people, we collect stories which we feature in our "Adventures in Staging" portion of our monthly newsletter. Our adventures detail our experiences and usually provide an underlying message for clients and REA's reading them. This actual event ...
Good blog.This is a very Interesting article in the Los Angeles Times about what 2010 could have in store for the Commercial property market. I agree with what the author is saying about the trend in Commercial real estate. 2010 could be a tuff year for landlord/Owners but could be a great year f...

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