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  Bottom Line about Business PlanningI have lived most of my life believing that a business plan will help make it more likely to achieve what you really want. I have even perpetuated the statistics of achievement, citing that people with a business plan achieve more! I have watched people strugg...
Bottom Line about September 22   On September 22, you have 100 days left in the rest of 2014! What about taking on a challenge to make this the best 100 business days you have ever had?   Last 100 Days of The Year! If you are up for it, here’s what to do: Review where you are year to date Set you...
    "Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions.  Small  people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."–Mark Twain   Charismatic, powerful people have a way with words. Perfecting your communication skills can attract and increase your business....
In 2004, Arianna Huffington woke up on her office floor in a pool of blood. She'd been working 16 hours days and nodded off, fracturing her cheek and injuring eye on the corner of her desk as she fell. It was her wake up call! Thankfully, our society has been shifting away from idolizing the wor...
  Count Your Blessings! We all have challenges… every single day. Some big. Some little. I know you have heard the saying that "it isn’t so much what happens, but your reaction to it.” Or “at every given moment, we have the abilty to change our attitude!” Sometimes, though, we get stuck in our de...
Want to be a Magnet and Attract Money and Clients?     Clean up your act! I mean this literally and figuratively. When we are operating with many incomplete tasks, projects and goals, in clutter and chaos, we don’t have the focus, good execution or results. As a coach, I know that often, it isn’t...
In the last month, I have spent 3 weeks on the road and travelled to 5 countries and Florida! I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Florida REALTORS State Convention this year, and I was so impressed with their commitment to their agents and the tools they have made available. There wer...
    I often use this exercise before I speak at an engagement or teach a class. It works well, anytime you need your right and left brain to work together (which, I guess, is really most of the time!) A great grounding exercise to use when you feel really stressed… breathing can do wonders for us...
As the real estate markets have heated up, most people I am talking to are busy, busy, busy. Lots of folks I talk to are tired. One of the foundations for being wildly productive is having the physical wherewithal to focus and be your best. Taking the time to take care of you can't be left to cha...
In any relationship, the best results, when there is disharmony, come from identifying and focusing on what I call the Joint Shared Commitment . What I mean by this is that both people involved have an outcome that is important to them that paralles one with the other person. What derails us, is ...

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