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The other day, I needed to contact my daughter on her cell phone and was totally frustrated by the experience. There is something about giving your child a cell phone to use in the event of an emergency, or to contact her when you need to and then not being able to reach them that really raises t...
Is so tempting to give legal advice. I don't know why but it is so very tempting to show our knowledge (or ignorance) of the law. Perhaps it is all those years of Court TV, or maybe those two courses in business law that we had to take to graduate, or maybe Judge Judy re-runs. I really don't know...
Each week I get calls from anxious parents scrambling to find suitable housing for their current or soon-to-be JMU students. "We need your help to find a place for our son/daughter and three of his/her best friends." That may seem odd; the fact that they need a place for four instead of one, but ...

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