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After watching 20/20 last night I thought that rather than sit here and educate my audience on insurance, I thought it would be a good change of pace to write something different that regards our nation. Like I mentioned earlier, I saw a report on 20/20 regarding the amount of debt that we, as Am...
Written by:Juan LuengoFebruary 2, 2009 Although I've been on a hiatus for a period time, thanks to the growth of my business, I want to inform you, my readers, that from here on out I'll be writing consistenly twice a month (bi-weekly basis). Aside from life insurance, stocks and retirement plans...
My fellow Americans, last week I wrote a brief article (The Gov. is NOT going to bail you out) regarding the simple steps you can take to protect your homes because as you are well aware, 30% of home values have gone down due to our economic crisis. Although our minds are preoccupied with the lev...
As you well know, our Government plans to bailout a couple companies that shouldn't be helped because of the lack of conscience as well as respect to the American public.  For some reason the people that represent us think that we are dumb. Hello! my name is Juan Luengo, I'm a small business owne...

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