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 The quantity of qualified buyers is more important than the quantity of buyers overall. Why is it important to know this? Think about your marketing. Would you rather invest your time and money marketing to 10,000 possibilities, or 1000 probabilities? Would it be more effective to touch those 10...
My accountant almost killed me today…here’s why. Last night, while watching the Blackhawks game I said something that may have been a little stupid. I was standing in front of the TV with my brother-in-law when the game went into overtime, and I blurted out the following comment – “Dude, if they ...
This morning when you woke up, you might have been like a lot of people…thinking to yourself, “Holy Cow – It’s JUNE!” Yes, it’s true. It’s June. How is your year shaping up? How many of your goals have you achieved? Are you on track to hit your 2010 goals? I’ll admit it. I’ve surpassed some goals...
Well, it’s that time of year again! Opening day of baseball! For fans everywhere, there is a new excitement for the season to come, renewed hope, a clean slate. Today is a day where everybody cheers for their first place team. But…things will change. There will be wins and there will be losses. S...
As I travel the country speaking to Realtors® about branding and marketing, I find that this is one of the most important questions that must be asked. Agents will say “homes” or “service” or “peace of mind” or “trust” . We can all pretty much agree that in any business, our primary goal is to ma...
I was "enjoying" a drive through town the other day while my car slid around on the freshly fallen snow, my windshield was caked with salt and smeared slush, and my wipers just made it worse.  But, I had to get where I wanted to I kept driving cautiously until I was done with my work and ...
Ahhh, the Christmas season...a time to reflect back on the year, celebrate accomplishments, and spend time with those who stuck with you through thick and thin.  And as we bring the year to a close, here's something to think about... 86% of surveyed agents said that they will not hit their 2009 f...
Hello, friends!  I have a huge favor to ask you.  As we begin 2010, the Coach Jig team is beefing up our visibility and to make it worth your while, we are making a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!  All you have to do is join the Coach Jig Fan Page on Facebook. (
...They'll give you business because you thank them!  As we enter this season of gratitude, joy and generosity, I thought I'd make mention of something I read recently that I felt needed to be addressed.  61% of Realtors do not use social networking tools and sites because...get this..."IT DOESN'...
Writer's note:  This is a transition between my last article and the upcoming series which was requested by one of my readers.  I admit that i cheated and cut and paste from an article I wrote last year, but the concepts are still valubale.  Pretty simple....enjoy!   How Strong Is Your Magnet?Whi...

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