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I am not as technically savvy as I would like to be but I have a real estate business to run so I do what I can.  One of the things I am always looking for is back links to my website to drive traffic and improve search engine results.  I found a new beta site that appears to be an easy way to ac...
If you have been a long time reader of my blog you may well remember I used to spend a fair amount of print writing about the monthly statistical reports. I can't remember when was the last time I posted something to my blog or wrote an article on the monthly results. I suspect there are several ...
The other day, in a flash, I ranted about another agent who pissed me off and the active rain community responded within hours with almost 100 views, high clicks, and 12 very supportive comments.  Yesterday, I wanted to help someone who is working very hard in to make it in the entertainment indu...
Sometimes as Realtors almost all we do is focused on our business or industry.  About a year ago I was fortunate to meet a Karmyn Tyler, who is as focused on her industry as we are ours.  She is a singer actress who is attempting to "make-it" in the entertainment industry.  I should really say sh...
Please don't waste my time!  Why do some agents show their clients homes priced above their clients price range?  I mean close to $100,000 above the price the client wants to pay.  No there is nothing wrong to looking at more expensive houses but please don't call me and say, "My clients love you...
We just got back from an overnight trip up to Amador County where we helped our good friends bottle the barrel of wine they made.  It was all done at Amador Cellars and I will tell you those people and their wine are wonderful.  They made us all feel at home and although it was work we had a blas...
Going to Amador County to taste wine reminds my husband Michael what it was like in Napa 20 years ago....I am not that old and was still in Alaska then!  He says in those days you didn't pay for tastings and more than likely it was the owner or one of the winemaker pouring the wine.  Now it is pr...
Are there those things in your business you know you should do but seem to never get around to them?  I keep a list of things to do and today I finally got tired of writing the same items on my current list so I committed to doing at least one of them today.  Hell, I may do that every Leap Day......
Leap day (February 29) is an intercalary day inserted in a leap year. Leap day has been associated with age-old traditions, superstitions and folklore. It is also recognized as a day of observances and celebrated as a birthday for those born on February 29.Leap day, also known as leap year day, i...
Why isn't my house selling?February 28th, 2008 Most homes on the market in the Sacramento area are overpriced and do not compare favorably to houses in the same price range. One of the most common questions heard by Sacramento real estate agents is, "If they think my home is overpriced, why don't...

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