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The unsecured promissory note is becoming a more commonly used tool to prevent future deficiency judgments.  If you haven't experienced this already with a short sale, where you are the listing agent, be prepared because it is coming your way. Upon bank review of the agreement they will counter t...
Other than bedrooms and baths, square footage is one of the most important considerations a home buyer contemplates when purchasing a home. Square footage, in many cases, lays the foundation to a sellers pricing strategy as well as gives the buyer a starting point when making an offer. The import...
I recently read over a blog from a buyer who was told by a seller that his house is worth more than the neighborhood comps, by $40,000.00 because, his house is Fung Sui. The buyer wanted to know if he could deduct the $40,000.00 for Fung Sui when making his offer and pay fair market value as dete...
Maybe I am a bit old fashioned but, whatever happened to the idea of living in a home for at least 5 years before you sell? I remember a time when that is what you did. In fact, no one in their right mind would have ever expected to make any money if they sold in less time. I recently drove aroun...
According to a recent report by Managing REO Online Magazine dated July 9, 2008 Volume 3 Issue 8 Link: ( "Housing starts in 2008 are expected to be 36% lower than 2007 levels, creating three straight years of decline." Contrary to what you may hear from bullish or optim...
Just another update for the past 3 months here in Hermitage. Hope it helps.     Closed  124 Properties Found   Square Feet Bed Room Full Baths Half Baths List Price Sales Price Days on Market MIN 942 0 0 0 $61,650 $56,600 0 AVG 1,937 3 1 0 $189,848 $186,524 73 MAX 3,995 4 3 1 $479,900 $479,900 383
06/05/2008 or National REO Brokers' Association of America is a new site to me. I just came across it from a fellow REO Broker who gave NRBA some high marks. I have to be honest, when first viewing the website, it didn't instill any confidence at all. It appeared to me as if they were some awkw...
Below you will find a Sales Analysis for area 7 (Cumberland River to I40E). I pulled this information from MLS for all Single Family Homes only. You will see at the very bottom a cumulative graph that puts it all together.  This first graph is for April 19 - May 19, 2008     Closed  35 Properties...
Hi everyone, I hope the following information is helpful to you when decideing how much to purchase or sell a home for here in Hermitage. I have to be honest, I found myself a bit frustrated today when I had a man argue with me that home prices in Hermitage are over inflated and that the house I ...
The Camden Woods Subdivision is located in the heart of Hermitage. Camden Woods is ideally situated just off the intersection of Old Lebanon Dirt Rd and Tulip Grove Rd. This community offers convenient access to Hwy I40, and major thoroughfares like Old Hickory Blvd, Lebanon Road and Central Pike...

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