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I recently wrote a blog titled, "Short Sale Scams Dupes Un-Suspecting Realtor...Are You One?" which created such a stir that now I am prompted to write this blog specifically concerning Short Sale Option Contracts. So, here is how this happens. You're in the office making calls or whatever else y...
Be very careful with who you do business with. Here lately, many Realtors are be contacted by people who claim they can expedite the Short Sale process or offer you double commission on your Short Sales. Be careful! These 3rd parties (typically investors or an investment firm) offers to negotiate...
Many factors go into answering this question and the truth is, I don't have the time to explain each one so, let me give you my top 3.1. REO Experience = REO Listings; I know for many of you, this fact is frustrating but, it's a fact none the less. Why is this the case, you may ask? It boils down...
I get asked a lot about what advice I can give a new REO agent. Many times those conversations revolve around how I can help them get into the business.When this comes up I always stop and ask myself, "Do you think they read your blogs?" and typically the answer is no, they just simply asked me b...
Because I have seen several recent post about OCWEN no longer taking on Listing Agents in CA. FL and, NV I decided to blog on a this recent trend of doing away with the Listing Agent.Now, before I get started in on this topic, let me make something very clear, I have no first hand knowledge on th...
Last night, Jennifer Kraus with my local news, NewsChannel5 did a story on a company called As a part of the NC5 Investigates report Mrs. Kraus chronicled a very depressing story about a family who is loosing their home due to mortgage arrearages and were taken advantage of by a l...
Ok, now that I have your attention, let me share some valuable insight into the BPO = REO myth.Not every BPO gives you the opportunity to get the REO. Truth is, it rarely does. To understand this, you need to understand the BPO process. BPO's are generally ordered after an offer has been submitte...
You may have been all caught up in the looming "sitmulus plan" news that you may not have heard of a recent vote that took place in the House Judiciary Committee.This vote could potentially reduce foreclosure nation wide but, at what cost?Basically, the bill lets Bankruptcy Judges alter the term ...
An article by Jennifer Harmon with highlights just another reason why I believe that REO's are not what banks want and that our industry is in the beginning stages of a paradigm shift. Back on October 8, 2008 I wrote a blog titled, "REO's Become Extinct" which focused on the i...
OHHHhhhhh.....this blog is going to ruffle some me! This is my biggest complaint with the "Appraisal" Industry and that is, they don't appraise anything and, you can quote me on that one.Ok, so the appraiser gets and order to go out to a home and appraise it. Well, on the paperwo...

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