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Just in the last 2 days I spent 90 minutes each with a dozen agents, going site-by-site through their profiles on the big Real Estate websites to help them be perfectly set up with all the bells & whistles that those services offer.  Bios, photos, service areas, skill sets, recommendations – the ...
Can I just come out and say this?  The Big 3 have taken an insurmountable lead in capturing the real estate listings web traffic out there.  Or stated another way; if someone is looking at listings in your market they are almost guaranteed to be doing so on a Big 3 website. Do this exercise: try ...
When talking to agents of all sorts about their marketing efforts, their core rationale for performing marketing actions generally boils down to one of the following: a) Need to get more leads to call now b) Want to talk to as many people as possible Now, most marketing activities fall into these...
Today I was coaching a very experienced real estate agent about her branding.  She has numerous awards and certifications and even taught courses for a while, but essentially she feels left behind by the digital age, and wanted to refocus her energies for 2013.   I spent some time working her th...
Most of us in business have heard this said in their presence at least once in the last year - perhaps in the last couple of days.  This is the new normal. Do you know what someone found when they Googled you? The front page of a Google search on a person can be very enlightening.  It displays th...
I am glad Independence Day falls on a weekday this year. When we can lump it into a long weekend, I think we risk losing the significance of the day. As someone who very recently stood in the very room where 55 men put their names to the Declaration that changed everything, I get teary-eyed abou...
Last weekend my family and I had the opportunity to visit Pennsylvania icon “Fallingwater” – The Frank Lloyd Wright home that defined an era in home design in theUnited States.  The visit affected me in unexpected ways. The home, built in the late 1930’s by PA builder Walter Hall under Wright’s s...
You know that I am always talking about Pinterest and how it's going to be a force for creative marketing in real estate - well, Tammy does an excellent job here - a must read!Tips to Market Yourself and Your Business on Pinterest Pinterest is a highly addictive and fast growing social media plat...
With Google's new privacy rules going into effect next month (which is only days away), it might be a good time to hop into your Google account and turn off your web browsing history collection - oh, you didn't know you had one?  Yep, it's true.  Google wil be importing your browsing history into...
I really like this Copyblogger piece by Robert Bruce.  Very relevant to real estate marketers (really, all realtors looking to develop a digital "voice" in their market corner).  Worth reading all the way through!  The article uses Matt Drudge as a model for content curation, a fancy term for usi...

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