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Growing your real estate sales means mastering your “book of business.”  You should have a goal to grow your database each year. In almost every one-on-one session I do with an agent, I bring up this topic. Agents tend to focus on marketing vs. prospecting (as I did as an agent... no judgement he...
As an agent I was always looking at the early internet for ideas on finding a business advantage.  As with most of you who were building websites, I started working with GoDaddy in 2004 with the launch of my first real estate site for Lancaster.  Shortly after that, I became aware of GoDaddy's fo...
This year, one of the main focuses of the Real Estate consumer is the quantity and quality of agent reviews and recommendations.  For those professionals who ignore this trend, business is being lost.The “review culture” has long been set in place with the buying public; one need only visit Ebay ...
For those of you who are still laboring under the assumption that social media is not a valid form of communication or worse, a passing phenom, let me gently correct you… it’s here to stay. After many years of participating in the midstate social (media) scene and also observing the activities of...
We’ve been working on plans for next year’s marketing and once again I’m excited about where that planning is going.  One of the things I enjoy most about working in the Real Estate field is that the subject of “home” is so central to it.  As a marketer first and foremost of Real Estate agents, I...
Again and again, as I sit with agents both new and old, big and small, the same topic comes up; how's your book look? I like to tell agents the story of two professionals in my life.  The first is my vet - he sends my dog a postcard every year on her birthday.  Then, his secretary calls me when s...
Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer with our Lancaster office agents over at the 2014 Builder’s Blitz at Lancaster Habitat for Humanity.  It was great to meet all the “regular” volunteers and tradespeople working on the site, and we brought along another twenty helpers of our own!    Lanc...
Everybody is scrambling (at least the companies paying attention in the real estate space) to incorporate a reviews system into their website.  The big guys, Zillow and Trulia, have had them for a while and their two approaches raise an interesting point of discussion in the Real Estate world: Is...
Have you seen that look?  The “thousand yard stare” that Real Estate agents get when they’ve endured yet another techno-wonder-training class. Just this week I sat through a typical tech-for-real-estate class, with apps, plugins and shiny things of all sorts being thrown out to the audience.  Gre...
The coolest website you’ve never heard of is Real Estate pros have long touted the proximity of their listings to various amenities, but recently there has been increasing awareness of the intrinsic value of the “walkability” of a property – whether business or residential.  I ...

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