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SO, every four years we do this Leap Year thing, big deal, right?  The only thing I could do is look back four years and what was I doing the last time there was a leap year?  I was just about ready to re-open a liquor store I purchased in Iowa where we lived.  In no way was I even thinking about...
There are some great restaurants in Corvallis.  I haven't been to all of them yet, but I sure want to get to the ones I haven't soon. I will link as many as I can so you can explore yourself.  The great thing about Corvallis is besides the fast food joints, there aren't many chains here.  Mostly ...
Fall has always been my favorite season of the year.  The only thing I didn't like about fall is that it has always meant winter was just around the corner, and snow and unbearable cold was sure to follow.  Not this year.  Fall meant so much more this year.  Football dominated our fall, and it se...
Last week I gave a brief description of Corvallis and a few of it's highlights.  Let me back up and tell you what I have to compare Corvallis with.  I grew up in a tiny town in Wisconsin.  Bloomer, WI (pop. 3,300) was where I called home from the ages of 5-21.  It was a typical small farm town in...
Corvallis is a special place.  I big piece of the puzzle that makes it special is the people.  I think through this blog it's well established that I like to golf.  So it would be fitting that this story would take place on the golf course.  It was a colder and rainy week in February this last ye...
Summer is pretty much over, as it is pouring outside at the moment, I can't believe how nice the summers are here.  Although many people told me it came late this year, it was well worth the wait.  Instead of dealing with humidity and very high temperatures I have grown used to in the Midwest, I ...

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