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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
 I am writing this because I have been very reactive in the last few years.  Now that I think of it, I have known myself to be an introvert rather than the opposite.  I think I noticed this in high school.  I was never a 'people person'.  I was in the shadows just doing my thing.  That is why I t...
a.) Marketingb.) Nichec.) Blingd.) Consistency One can argue that almost all of the above is necessary to run a successful business.  Being successful means that you are doing something right.  Being in business means you are getting new clients and getting repeat business.  You cannot last long ...
I recently received a few requests to Friend some great folks here on AR.  Dutifully, once I started doing that, another dozen or more recognized names came up and so I added those people too.  Now, I just would like all of you on FB to know that this is not my strong point.  I apologize in advan...
Motivational Music for a September Morn!
It was the best of times, but could it be spiraling into the worst of times?  There was fear in the air...bordering on riot.  The couriers from RNN were fanning the flames...The peasants seemed revolting.  Some even demanded restitution.   Raconteurs were spinning an armageddon bust.  Was the Kin...
The cartoon above is dedicated to Barbara Todaro.  She does a terrific job of keeping in shape and motivating us to do the same.This morning, there was an all-clear here in Orlando, and so, of course, I ventured down to the favorite hang out on Park Ave. and had one of these with coffee:If you mi...
 NOTE: THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY UNTIL OR IF DORIAN HITS FLORIDA.  After that, the power may be out...PROLOGUEI had no idea that when the forecast for this hurricane was first announced, the sequence and time of events would be prolonged to such a degree.  I decided to follow this one c...
I was wondering how to tell this story and didn't think AR was the venue.  But now that there's a CONTEST!!!! Well....Yipeeyiyay~~~!  +++++++++++This is about Bentley.  We originally called him Segerbutt, after our relatives who gave him to us a few years ago.  He pooped and peed everywhere as a ...
A recent article on describes the decision-making process of a Massachusetts resident to move to Panama and some of the pros and cons involved.We normally hear that Cost Rica is a prime destination to be an expat but for a variety of reasons, this person decided to leave the U.S. ...
I click on every day to see what stocks are doing and this quote was from an article describing how dropshipping works online, and the pros and cons.Chris Wayne, a guru of this internet business scheme, also said:"The website is the brand... people trust me because of my brand in ...

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We have been designing luxury homes for over thirty years in not only Florida, but Texas, Tennessee, California, Delaware, Mississippi, Lousiana, North Carolina, Maryland, Utah and Alabama. We have also created custom homes in Sweden, China, and the Middle East.