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Lola Audu is one of the most insightful, caring articulate Leaders our industry has!  These words speak volumes about the future of the directions needed for our industry! I hope you enjoy her post! ~ JayWhat does leadership require?  In an profession rocked by unprecedented upheaval, the importa...
  This is a great article about limitation Realtors have in advertising property.  Leesa Finley does an awesome job of laying out the basics of the Federal Fair Housing Act --Jay     Dear Seller - I Know Your Home is Family Friendly But I Just Can't Say That While your home may be prefect for a l...
Here is an article that I was turned on to by my friends The KCM Crew.  If you are thinking about using an FHA Loan to buy a home, you should do it sooner than later. ---Jay FHA Set to Reduce Closing Cost Assistance This Summer by Jon Prior of HousingWire.com The real estate industry is still wa...
I happened upon an article today about an area family who had decided to raise chickens and they were told by the municipality's zoning department that chickens were not allowed.  Now while, I don't think I would want the responsibility of every day feeding, tending and whatever else you have to ...
This is a great blog post about business liability of its staff.  I thank Lenn Harley of Homefinders.com for work.LAWS ABOUT THE USE OF CELL PHONES, TEXTING and BROKER LIABILITY. BE RISK AVERSE.  Folks who know me know that I am very risk averse.  That said, we can't live in a cocoon and we can't...
I found the following post very interesting....unfortunately those who NEED to be reading aren't because they are not using social media. I was reading a post about Google & SEO on WebProNews when I saw a link to a story about the Pope using social media The Pope Urges Priest to Get On The Blogsp...
Here I sit in Grand Rapids, Michigan and it is one of the Chamber of Commerce days.  You know the type - the sun is bright, the sky blue with little wisps of white clouds dashed in for effect and the tempurature are awesome. I was thinking that today is a great day for someone to participate in t...
  This is the shore of Lake Michigan like Kid Rock talks about in his song "All Summer Long"
I happen to live in Grand Rapids, MI.  Like other communities around the country, Grand Rapids has several neighborhoods of those houses.  Houses that in the day were top of the line.  In the last week I have had the opportunity to visit two such homes.   One of these is the Meyer May House that ...
Some days are just interesting...this is how I started my Monday morning!!!       Yes, that is the back end of a cow, on the highway in Grand Rapids, MI!!!  

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Jay Spencer's thoughts and musing about the Grand Rapids, MI real estate market, business in general and life.