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  This afternoon I had a seller call and ask, "What does leaving a house clean mean?"   Good question.  It is interpreted by many in different ways.  The courts have pretty much said it cannot be defined.  A seller might take the toaster out of the cupboard and say they have left the cupboard cle...
No, not James Bond but the bond market.  If you watch the bond market you will notice that interest rates for mortgages do the opposite of the bond market.  When the market is up, interest rates on mortgages go down and vice versa.  It is a good thing to know if you want to know when to buy and ...
  A buzz word of today is Face book.  In one year the number of people who have joined has amazed me.  I was listening on the radio to how people react to Face book, and here is what I learned.  *Some people found it too time consuming and would never bother logging in. * Some callers found it to...
  It is how we read numbers that effect our attitude.  Here are some examples:  The temperature outside is 49.  That is cold.  If the temperature was 50, the temp would be okay.  Notice how that one degree has changed our attitude completely.  It is our birthday.  We are turning 59.  That is not ...
  In the Twin Cities it has been a standard to have on Tuesdays Broker's Opens for new listings.  In fact we used to have caravans of cars following one another from listing to listing.  In 1986 when I started selling houses, my broker has a bus that drove us around to the new properties.   Today...
  In  fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  He had three ships and left from Spain; He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.  He sailed by night, he sailed by day; He used the stars to find his way.  There are many more stanzas to this poem, but that is all I really remem...
Everyone is saying, "Live Green."  I think so many of us say, "not me."  I can't grow a garden on the roof of my house.  I don't have the money to revamp my house with natural products.  I am not tech enough to redesign the power in my house so I can get on the grid. I don't have a battery run c...
  The Twins Tuesday night demonstrated that one should never give up.  They are a team from a small market who have had an up and down year.  They have been chasing the Tigers all season.  I felt it would take the flu spreading through the Tigers for the Twins to take the division.  What do I kno...
  In Minnesota we love to talk about our climate.  I am not talking about the seasonal stuff, I am referring to sports. Our sports' climate is very fair weather.  We had a new stadium built for the University of Minnesota and we were prepared for a team that took us to the Rose Bowl.  We got fire...
I enjoy debates.  What we can debate about today is what is of more value, a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace?  It all depends on the perspective you have.   A seller who has gone to the expense of installing a gas insert in their fireplace, will say the gas is of more value.  The selle...

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