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The History Theatre in St. Paul, which is worth the trip alone, will have a production, "Sister Kenny's Children" running January 23rd  through February 14.  This has a local connection as there is a great neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis named the Kenny neighborhood after Sister Kenny.  El...
It is time to take the $8,000 first time buyers rebate money and buy your new home in a great Minneapolis neighborhood. I have two new listings that are ideal for those buyers. If you are not familar with the Obama tax credit click here to learn more. Both are located in New Hope, a suburb close...
In the United States war has been kept at a distance for many years.  Yes, there have been the terrorist acts, but none of us living today have lived to have soldiers march on our property and take it over.  We have sent our men and women to fight somewhere, and that somewhere always seems so fa...
The answer to this question is, shoes.  Especially women are buying shoes.  Women buy shoes to make themselves happy. It is fun to shop for shoes. It is an emotional purchase.  It is an emotional lift.  Shoes are being purchased not only because they are needed but more importantly because they ...
  Halloween is over and what is the next holiday?  Thanksgiving, no!  According to what I see in the stores, media, and on the front of houses, the next holiday is Christmas.  I truly walked my dog last night and saw in my neighborhood a house with red, green, and white lights chasing.  I know  i...
I have not thought about hop scotch for years.  As a girl it was something we did on the sidewalk often or at recess.  We all had our "special" marker.  I took our dog for a walk yesterday and came across a chalk drawing of hop scotch.  It brought a smile to my face.  I was happy to see that kid...
  I was a pretty neutral Brett Favre person when last summer there was talk of him coming to the Minnesota Vikings. I knew he had been an excellent quarterback but that was in Wisconsin and not here.  I was frustrated by his on and off again attitude.  That was until Sunday.  It was not so much t...
  Yesterday I went to the funeral of a 23 year old who was the son of a business associate of mine.  I had never met the man or was even familiar with his family, yet I cried so hard during that funeral.   This man had been fighting drug addiction and was in and out of treatments centers with no ...
  Here is the big questions for today, "How do you get rid of the leaves on your property?  When I was a kid the answer was simple, "You rake them in piles and then burn them."  What a wonderful memory of those leaves burning.  I remember one fall my dad put the leaves in a container and then lit...
  In the newspaper and on the TV and blasting from the radio were reports yesterday that the prices of houses in Minneapolis and St. Paul were up over 3%.  Tell that to my sellers who keep reducing the price of their home and still no offer.  Read on.   The average price they are talking about is...

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