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  Southwest Minneapolis is blessed with a no generation gap center for caring for preschoolers and senior citizens.  Mt. Olivet the largest Lutheran Church in the U. S., built this free standing center to combine the needs of people at both ends of their lives.  it is called Mount Olivet Day Serv...
We just don't get in cars in Minneapolis to grab a burger to eat.  Some guys actually get in air planes and land on frozen Lake Calhoun to grab the food.  Note, this is not legal and should not be attempted by anyone.  It was a sight to see today when during the lunch hour a 64 year old Aeronca ...
  In 1992 Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl.  I think we were the joke of the sports world at the time.  After all, don't those who attend these events want warm weather?  Marilyn Carlson, daughter of Curt Carlson, founder of Radisson Corporation and more, convinced the NFL to allow the Super Bow...
The men of Minneapolis tend to be white.  It might be our Swedish, Norwegian, German, Finnish backgrounds.  These guys are as white as the snow.  Again, coming from those countries they tend to be tall and big.  Most of these men become obvious in November-March.  They hang out on the front lawns...
  Those of us who live in Minneapolis take a great deal of ribbing about our temperatures.  Everyone wants to know why we live in this popsicle city.  The truth is we have houses, cars, clothing and life styles that can handle this weather.  We plant trees, bushes, and flowers that can tolerate t...
  TOP TEN REASONS TO LIVE IN MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA  1) We have as many or perhaps more live theaters and art galleries than we have sports teams 2) We are home to many fortune 500 companies and the beat of medical technology starts here 3) We have four seasons to live for and to live through 4) ...
  For those of you who do not live in a winter city, you might think we don't walk in the winter.  Not true.  Minneapolis is a very walk able city.  In fact the City Council of Minneapolis on October 16th adopted a pedestrian master plan.  It is a 92 page document that promotes walking.  It addre...
  You don't know how much you appreciate blue skies until you have not seen them for days.  Here in Minneapolis we started the gray sky bit a few days before Christmas and then it just went on and on.  If you want me to sum up my Christmas holiday in Minneapolis I would say, "It snowed and then I...
                    Congratulations to the Kingfield neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis.  You have a great wine bar to walk to and enjoy conversation with your friends and neighborhoods.  Located at 4555 Grand Ave South in Minneapolis this local eating and drinking establishment reminds me a b...
  I like food and I am certain I am no different than the rest of you.  Not only is it necessary to keep ourselves going, but it is so pleasurable.   Minneapolis is a big city in the center of the large agriculture belt for the state of Minnesota.  In fact one of our nick names is the "Flour City...

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