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  I have asked myself the question, what has happened to open houses?  I hold them every weekend.  I greet people and am friendly and never a pushy sales person.  I like the house to speak for itself and then I answer their questions.  In the many years that I have been selling real estate, I oft...
Here in Minneapolis our umbrellas are being put to the test.  We are wearing them out as we are using them constantly. In the month of June there have only been two days that we have not had rain.  We have mushrooms growing everywhere.  We are checking between our toes to see if we have webs!  A...
Minneapolis is a long way from South Africa but the fans of soccer are not left out in the cold.  Many fans gather at Brit's Pub in downtown Minneapolis to watch the World Cup.  The place was packed on Saturday afternoon as the U.S. play England.  We ventured on the "sod" of England literally.  ...
  It is June in Minneapolis and we all want to be outdoors in our backyards or in a park or in the woods.  None of us want to remain inside.  Let the dust bunnies grow in the corners of my house, I refuse to clean unless it is a rainy day.  I must be outside. The downside is a small, dark brown i...
  The real estate market in Minneapolis is what I call a whine/wine market.  The buyers are whining because they can't have it their way.  The sellers need a glass of wine because the buyers are being so hard on them.  I feel like I am with a group of first graders where everyone is shouting, "It...
Here in Minneapolis like everywhere else, staging is the buzz work in real estate.  As a listing agent I go out to list a property, and I go room by room telling them what to do.  We paint, get new carpets, take out furniture, buy new furniture, and do anything possible to impress the buyer. Pro...
Minneapolis is a wonderful city to live in, but like all people I do get the urge to get out of Dodge.  Being a Realtor I work 24/7 and it is hard to take a day off.  Saturday I needed a day with my husband, Charles, and no phone calls or issues.  We went off to Lanesboro, Minnesota.   You get in...
  This morning as I was eating my English muffin and reading the Minneapolis Star -Tribune I paused for a moment to realize I was a dying breed. Fewer and fewer people have the old rag dropped at their front door and read it to start their day.  I remember as a girl in the 60's my parents would ...
Since last December I have worked daily to try to get a short sale through with Bank of America as the first lender.  Just moments ago I learned the title of the property has been returned to the investor and the bank no longer even has it.  It is over.  Before the person from the office of the ...
  I sell houses in Minneapolis and the seven county area.  I work with buyers and sellers.  Many people know I am a Realtor, so the first thing they say to me when we meet is, "So how is the real estate market?"  My answer is that it is frustrating as there are so many fence sitters.  I want to s...

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