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It is now past the 4th of July and to me that means summer is half over.  It just can't be!  It has not been hot enough, the lake water is too cold to swim in, and we have not cooked often enough on the grill.  It must be part of the aging process, but each year summer goes faster and faster.  Th...
It is on a windy day like today and the wind of the past few days that  I am reminded of the clause in the purchase agreement that talks about damage to a property from the date the purchase agreement is signed until the date of closing  referring to an "act of God" or vandalism.   This clause o...
cuva20321 Add to selectionLicense imageOrder a printDownload wallpaper     I say, "Bring it on."  All this daylight makes life so much easier for everyone but especially for Realtors.  Once Memorial Day Weekend hits, we often change our showing schedules from weekends to week day nights.  Many bu...
  Real Mothers don't eat quiche; they don't have time to make it.Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox.Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn't come out of carpets.Real Mothers don't want...
I can remember as a kid diving into a pool and searching with my hands for the bottom.  I always wanted to know when I had hit bottom.  It told me I could then shoot up to the surface and get air.  I would do that again and again and feel such excitement doing so.  There was a sense of security w...
Here is a good laugh.    Those of us who are listing agents know how concerned our sellers are when their house has a completed purchase agreement, but the property still needs to go through a buyer's inspection.  It seems to take so long to get the results, and those results seem to pick the pr...
The refrigerator you have in your kitchen may just save your life.  Yes, you can think of food, drinks, storing certain meds, and most of all keeping that whip cream pie safe, but the refrigerator can do more.  When it is necessary to call 911 for medical help or if ETM's find it necessary to br...
I will be searching properties for a buyer and see a listing with a very high starting list price and then I notice about every two weeks the property is reduced.  You look further and you see that is  a short sale.   Short sales need to start their listings at a price that includes first and sec...
Today is earth day.  This day was created so many years ago that many people today do not know what it really stands for.  The tree huggers of yesteryear wanted a day in which we took time to think about taking care of our planet.  That is not a novel idea as if you go into the Bible you see man...
It is the buzz right now, but you must go to You Tube and see the video on Susan Boyle the woman from England that stole everyone's heart on the British version of American Idol.  This 47 year old woman walked on the stage and the audience and judges thought she was a joke.  She appeared to have...

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