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  I am not a golfer, but I am married to a sports junky.  Charles will talk to me about anything that might resemble a sport.  For weeks now I have been hearing about the golf tournament that was held in Chaska last week.  The comment I heard the most was how Tiger Woods had this tournament won. ...
So many times we go to the computer and look something up and take the information we receive for granted.  Few of us think of the effort that has gone into producing that information for us.  Not until you create your own website do you know what is happening behind those pretty pictures that j...
No one wants to admit that they have had mice, bats, or ants in their home.  It is one of those nasty secrets we make all family members keep within the confines of our walls.  Those are the very same walls that play host to these animals.  We feel we have failed as housekeepers when we find the...
  It used to be that when you could not afford a vacation you just stayed home.  It was not a requirement that everyone or every family go away on vacation.  Get this, we used to save several years and then go off on the holiday.  Now we feel we are entitled to go away on vacations.  It is not he...
There are so many people interested in running for the Governor's job, that I thought I would give them some ideas for their platform.  I have lived in Minnesota for most of my life and have not understood why the Governor, who has always been a male so far, has to make such a big thing out of th...
I always blog about my gardens so I thought I would show you them . . .
So many times we forget to say thank you for things that happen in our lives.  So I am going to say thank you for some current happenings.  *Thank you to the guy in the red truck who saw the file my husband had put on the roof of his car blow off.  He followed Charles to the gas station and hand...
  Here is the new rule for buyers:  Buyers are not allowed to watch HGTV.  I was showing a house today and the first thing the buyers said as they walked into this $185,000 home was, "These sellers must not watch HGTV."  This was a started home in south Minneapolis built in 1910.  It would never ...
There are many long faces in Minnesota today, because we did not get #4 to wear purple.  We were like kids at Christmas that believed we would get the pony we begged for.  We saw all the clues that lead us to believe it would really happen.  When we want something badly enough, we only see the po...
When I am listing a property, I want to find a list price that will bring in buyers and call them to action to write plus have a sale that will not face appraisal problems.  It has been written about in newspapers and mentioned in TV reports, but the appraisal issue is very real when it comes to ...

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