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  We all know we need to carry homeowner's insurance on our pieces of real estate.  We carry them ourselves or through the association if we are in a condo or townhouse.  We take it out at the time we purchase, and we don't think much about it after that date.  We do make our payments to the insu...
  In the spring we say school is out, should we not say school is in come fall?  Well, for many school districts school started yesterday.  I am guessing both kids and parents were ready to go back.  As a former school teacher, I always remember how hard it was on the faculty to go back to work. ...
  As a young girl in scouting I was always told, "Be prepared."  I have held that as part of my living style forever.  In fact my purse weighs a ton because I have small scissors, band aids, aspirin (watch out for the heart attack) lotions, sun screen, needle and thread, safely pins, tape, plus a...
  Wait a minute.  I cannot type further until I wash these hands again.  I have just gotten back from the Minnesota State Fair, and I just can't seem to get my hands to feel not sticky.  I want to put up my own booth where I sell those hand washing sheets for people.  You touch things and eat foo...
  Everyone must have a rain catcher.  They can be purchased at a hardware or lawn and garden store.  They can be simple or artistic.  Mine looks like the old fashioned water spigot on a house.  It is orange and showy along with my flowers.   The reason I say have a rain gauge is because clouds dr...
  I live right in the heart of SW Mpls..  My lot is larger and special, but it is still a city lot.  About 4 years ago my husband planted an apple and pear tree along the alley.  Since we were new to the neighborhood, our neighbors had a good chuckle at this planting.  One person asked me why we ...
  I have a set of buyers that love the idea of buying a short sale, foreclosure, or REO.  They are first time buyers and feel the "deal" they can make on these properties is too good to pass up.  We discussed the  issues of buying nontraditional real estate, and they were game to move forward.  M...
  "It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring."  I never understood that song.  We sang it as kids.  I was not singing anything yesterday afternoon as I was showing houses in that down pour.  There were times I felt I would be dryer if I were in my shower.  Being the nice Realtor that I am...
  The number four can mean so much.  It is a popular game for grade school kids.  I loved to play Four Square as a kid.  Four as in foursome is what you have in your golf group.  You go off together and play a round of golf.  Being four means next year you get to go to school.  That is a big thin...
  This is a double edge sword.  We are always told to save.  Years ago when Americans were outspending what they made, they were told to save.  Put money away you never know when you will need it.  We were lectured that we had long forgotten what our relatives learned during the Great Depression....

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