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Real Estate Choices Post50:  Accessory Dwelling Units and Small Home Spaces (Part 1) When Sage and John, a smart couple beginning their Post-50 adventure, decided to create a sanctuary – their “dream place”—  it was clear to them that they wanted to build something small. They were also intereste...
Asheville Real Estate JournalNot long ago, I had an interesting conversation with  someone (a Post-50 Person) who is planning for her future.  Here's a snapshot of our discussion..about changes and decision-making.Transitions mean change and many decisions to make. For those who are 50 and older,...
Asheville Real Estate Journal, 2016 SURPRISING FINDINGS:: Wondering what makes sense when it comes to planning and creating the how and where you live-Post 50? In search of reasonable solutions? I came across 9 links that may provide some healthy answers. Take a look  (below) and let me know what...
Boosting innovation -Asheville leads the way Asheville is well known for innovative strength - current efforts, organizational capacity and local partners. Now that initiative continues and soon Asheville will broadly disseminate products, processes, and tools to boost innovation statewide. “The ...
Asheville, N.C. Real Estate Journal November, 2015 It’s about the well-known factor of supply and demand.LAND- Is it a risky investment for buyers in Asheville, N.C.? Here are a few points to consider.  And remember that old adage, "Location. Location. Location."  What is the Return on Investment...
Asheville Autumn- The Season to Discover LAND and Our Fall Color Tour  As I looked at the photo (above) I took on our ASHEVILLE 2015 Color Tour, one of my favorite passages from John Crowley’s book, Little Big came to mind. If you are looking for land and finding the “right” place , this may be h...
ASHEVILLE, N.C., Oct. 26, 2015 With a strong focus on sustainability – Asheville leads the way. And many new retailers prove that.  "Asheville Market has added a great dynamic to the area since Whole Foods opened last year. We are excited to continue that standard with the great new retailers tha...
Asheville NC Neighborhoods You Can Love – Montford It has been said, and I believe it is true that, in any neighborhood, the people who live there can make it distinct. Take, for example, Asheville’s Montford neighborhood. Through their vibrant sustainable community spirit, these Asheville reside...
 Asheville Real Estate JournalKeep it Simple Many people, regardless of age or physical ability, love the idea of finding the land on which to create a "village" of "tiny homes"- and the experience of working with and/or simply enjoying the camaraderie of friends and neighbors - no age limit. And...
AUTUMN MAGIC in ASHEVILLE::  Fall comes to the mountains as trees bend to the winds of change leaving broad strokes of color across the slopes, and  folks from far and wide find festivals and festivities for family fun. There are wine tours along the trail, and art tours, and train rides- all sup...


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